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Vintage79: Mind@Play

Books, Movies, Food, Fandoms and More: Just living life

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Jill aka Jo
12 September 1979

Outlander: Claire & Jamie
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I officially launched this blog in April 10, 2006 with nudging from a Stargate compatriot who insisted if I wanted to post my fanfiction all in one place I needed a LiveJournal. What I discovered upon arriving was that their basic layouts weren't that attractive which resulted in 7 years of forcing Flexible Squares to look the way I wanted. To this end I will occasionally be posting insights into how to make LJ work for you.

I also do the occasional LJ art work in the form of headers, banners, friends banners, and icons which you will see pop up as well.

I'm a huge fan of books and while I read I like to share how I feel about the books. I real predominantly romance novels but within that genre I love fantasy, paranormal and historical. I do like reading other genres but there might not be as many.

Also, be prepared for fandom, movie, and some entertainment talk as I do enjoy sharing the things that really grab my attention. My absolute favorite fandom is Outlander(book & TV) so you might see more of those than others.

You can always find out what my current tv obsession is by clicking here.

I'm a Christian and am rather conservative. A lot of people would think that means I won't watch TV, I dress like I'm in Little House on the Praire and think just about anything is evil. I love television though I do sometimes have a lot of trouble with telling of "Biblical mythology" as I don't see it as mythology and it is almost always told incorrectly. I love fashion and cloths but you probably would never catch me wearing something super skimpy. I do believe there is a lot in this world that is the result of evil but I suspect some would agree when you really thought about it (murders, arsonists, taxes-lol). The thing I love most about my own faith is that no matter what mistakes in life you make, if you ask Jesus for forgiveness He grants it because of God's infinite capacity to love His Creation.

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I like a ton of movies... old brat pack, new trilogies... Firefly! Bourne... Action, Adventure, Supense, Humor... I love most of it including B Horror (if that is what you consider Halloween the old one). I had a list but it was soooo long. I like girly movies too (Mamma Mia!)! You can pretty much read my reviews of movies to see what I like.

I wrote fan fiction for a time so if you are interested check out my links on my journal sidebar.

I currently watch... Almost Human, Arrow, Big Bang Theorgy, Bones, Castle, Dancing with the Stars, Downton Abbey, Elementry, Falling Skies, Game of Thrones, Ghost Hunters, Hawaii Five-0, Haven, Last Man Standing, Once Upon A Time, The Originals, Outlander, Parenthood, Sherlock, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Switched at Birth, Vampire Diaries, Vikings and many more you can see in my "tv" section of my tags and many past shows at the bottom of my tags page under ~tv:.

I read (books in bold I recommend)... Black Dagger Brotherhood (vamps), Harry Potter Collection, Dark Hunter Series, Highlander/Fever Series, Kushiel Series, Narnia Set, Outlander Series(!), Riley Jensen Series, ST: New Frontier, Wilderness/Bonner Series, Twilight Series, and much more...

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