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Why I Don't Use My ATM card...

This is outstangingly scary and the worst part is that your bank account can be drained. My cousin has actually had problems with fraud on her bank account and with our wonderful bank it took her a long time to get everything resolved. I don't use my ATM card unless I need to get money out of the bank ATM or need quick cash, and now I will lay my fingers over the numbers for a while.

I use my credit card for two reasons.

First, I earn money on all my bills and necessaries. Last year I earned A LOT. But then I literally put everything on the card and put large chucks of money every check. This has kept me from paying interest on surprise bills too because of the turn over. You payment pays off the oldest stuff and if the new charges are in the last month they have no interest.... at least that is my card.

Second and most importantly, the credit card companies don't care about fraud anymore. They will reverse the charge immediately in 99.9% of cases and send you a new card. No hassle.

My cousin had the fraud on her card after going to a gas station. That is one place I will always use a credit card. They keep telling us there is something to ensure it hasn't been tampered with but I either never see this whatever it is or it is something that looks like it can be removed and replaced.

Granted with a credit card you need to be careful. You can't just spend but once you learn to control it... it is amazing. And your credit score sky rockets.

Okay so I'm passionate about it. Just had to say what I think.
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