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Andromeda: Just a World Away, TA/OFC, [PG], 5/7

Title: Just A World Away
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 5 of 7
Rating: PG
Characters: Dylan, Tyr, Beka, Harper, Trance, OFC (Sirees), Other OCs
Archiving: Command Deck
Warnings: Action, Drama
SPOILERS: None that I know of.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Andromeda characters so don't sue me. The character, Sirees Anwar and all other original characters are mine and I hope you like them.
The Andromeda crew comes across a strange beacon and someone from Tyr's past. Dylan and crew struggle to help a world with a leader who is hiding more than she uncovers.
AN: I wrote this story before taking the penname SireesAnwar. I just really liked the character and I hope you do too.

Chapter 5: Uneasy Suspicions

Andromeda: Tyr’s Quarters

Tyr lifted the weights into the air as his door chimed. “Come in.” He grumbled as he put the weights back on their rack and sat up.

Beka strolled into his quarters looking every bit serious. “You and I have to talk.”

Tyr’s eyebrow rose as he slowly got to his feet. “Do we?”

“Yes, how do you know Medi Anwar?” Beka wasted no time getting straight to the point. She didn’t really care if it would bother Tyr that was until she watch his expression sink.

Tyr’s memory flashed back to seeing her on the planet and then being on the Morning Glory with Sirees. “I don’t see how it is relevant.” He walked towards the bed in his room, grabbing his shirt. He pulled it over his head quickly.

“You might not see it but I do.” Beka shifted her weight to one foot and folded her arms across her torso. “In fact, after talking with Randir, I’d say the big mystery about this woman is hiding in her past. Naturally, I assumed since you know her, you’d know something about her past.”

Tyr stared down at as he smoothed the shirt out. “When I met Sirees the only thing she told me about her past was that she’d been banished from her planet.” He turned to look at Beka. He couldn’t be sure why Beka felt the need to investigate Sirees’s past but he was sure her suspicions were founded. “She didn’t tell me why she was banished. I never got her to say a word about her life before the moment I found her, beyond the banishment.”

“And the two of you?” Beka looked slightly more sympathetic than she had when she entered Tyr’s quarters.

Tyr glanced up at her slightly annoyed with the persistence of his crewmate. “There is nothing of importance that could possibly reflect on what is happening now.”

Beka wanted answers. “Tyr, we need to know…”

“Look! I have no intention of telling you all about what happened between Sirees and I!” Tyr pushed past her nearly knocking her completely off her feet but she happened to catch herself on the edge of a piece of furniture.

Andromeda & Ladonia: Tyr Remembering

Tyr didn’t mind remembering the good times. He didn’t mind remembering Sirees on the Nietzschean ship with him, working with him, lying next to him. He cherished the memories of them happy and together. He cherished the memories of them arguing over his need to train her to protect herself while she annoyingly avoided doing anything other than flirting with him. Of course, it wasn’t overly annoying and he tended to like what came of the flirting.

But then there were the memories he didn’t want to remember and was sure Sirees didn’t like them either. He could vividly remember his own rage at finding Wolffe, another Nietzschean, in Sirees and his quarters, with Sirees pinned beneath him. He hadn’t managed to do anything but scare her; of course, Tyr had done anything but scare Wolffe. He’d nearly beat the man to death and only stopped when Sirees’s voice pierced his fury, begging him to stop.

Apparently, Wolffe didn’t think Sirees and his relationship was enough of a claim on the woman, and he didn’t afford her the same courtesy as Nietzschean females, to pick their mates. Sirees didn’t like hearing any of this especially when he claimed she belonged to him. No, that didn’t go over well at all, but he made her understand and life went on.

That was until Wolffe figured out something Tyr had only hours after meeting Sirees. She was important. There was more to Sirees than what you could see, and he wanted to make sure it reached its full potential and it was even better if it did so with him. That was his mistake. He had deceived Sirees and not told her that her genetics seemed to predispose her to combat. His training had made her one of the most formidable fighters aboard, a fact Wolffe pointed out along with his betrayal.

Sirees knocked the wind out of him and then packed her bags. He practically begged, pleaded and did anything he could think of to make her believe he truly loved her. It was true but she asked him point blank if he’d withheld things from her, if he’d trained her knowing what would come of his efforts. He couldn’t lie and he didn’t and she left.


Dylan was looking for Sirees but now she seemed to be avoiding him. He had left her in the Fleet Hanger while he checked on something Trance had brought to his attention.

“Captain Hunt, is there something I can help you with?” Casselle’s melodic voice rang out.

Dylan turned and smiled in her direction. “Yes, I was looking for Medi Anwar. Would you know where I could find her?”

“Unfortunately, no. She has a habit of disappearing, of course, I’m sure you too like to get away from your responsibilities from time to time.” She looked up at Dylan questioningly.

“Sometimes.” Dylan smiled.

“I’m concerned your crewman’s presence has rattled Medi.” Casselle stated rather openly.

Dylan’s brow crumpled. “My crewman?”

“Yes, the one with the spikes.” She held her arm up and shook it. “He is so suspicious of Medi.” Casselle expression was not of disgust at the mere thought of someone questioning her leader but rather guarded like she knew something others did not.

“He doesn’t have anything to be suspicious about. Does he?” Dylan looked at her warily.

Casselle looked mildly surprised. “Of course not.”

Dylan noticed the guard walking towards them. The man stopped and whispered into Casselle’s ear. “Excuse me, Captain; I have a few things to attend to. I do hope you find Medi Anwar.”

Big help. Dylan thought to himself as he smiled warmly at Casselle.

Ladonia: Citadel: Beacon Control

Dylan and Sirees walked into beacon control. He’d found her but hadn’t managed to pry anything out of her.

“Mr. Harper.” Dylan stated as he entered the beacon control room.

Harper was working underneath a console and was clearly startled. He jumped slightly, hitting his head on the console above him. He backed out from under the controls and grimaced up at Dylan. “That hurt.” He rubbed his prickly head. “You could have damaged my genius. Then what use would I be to you?”

Sirees looked to Dylan with a strange look. Dylan smiled briefly at Sirees. “Harper, just tell us what you know about the beacons.”

Tyr walked into Beacon Control with an annoyed look on his face. His gaze landed on Sirees first before shifting his attention to Dylan. Sirees, of course, noted his stare as did Dylan. Sirees considered talking to him later despite her ever fuming anger towards him. “I just came down to check on Harper’s progress.” Tyr’s found it odd to see Dylan and Sirees standing next to one another but tried to put the infuriating notion, that there was something to it, out of his mind.

“Yeah and I’m the ruler of earth.” Harper remarked under his breath and then realized Nietzscheans had better hearing than humans when Tyr let out a low growl.

Sirees bit back a smile, so as not to let on that she had also heard the comment, and turned to Harper. “Mr. Harper, if you’d go over what you’ve found for us.”

Running footsteps came into the room. “Tyr, you can’t just avoid the question no matter how…” Beka came to a halt as she entered the room and found everyone staring towards her. “pissed you get.” She continued considerably lower than she had been. “Dylan, Medi…”

“Call me Sirees. All of you call me Sirees. I hear enough Medi as it is.” Sirees stepped forward slightly. “Harper was just about to enlighten us as to what is wrong with the beacons.”

“Something I have also been wondering.” Beka spoke up.

“Harper.” Dylan cued him to speak.

“Okay. This is what we all know so far.” Harper adjusted his stance as though he was about to wow the crowd and cleared his throat. “I reported earlier there was no record of anyone using the beacon’s control room.” Harper paused for Sirees.

“Which isn’t possible because Randir created it so there would always be a record.” Sirees interrupted.

“Anyways, I started looking further into it. Trying to see how easy it would be to tamper with the records.”

“Harper, what did you find?” Tyr spoke up.

“Something truly ingenious.” Harper pointed to the control panel and then punched up a wall screen diagram of the beacon’s internal systems, highlighting something in red. “This is just a simulation ‘cause I can’t show you the real stuff.” He pulled up a few more things. “Each person who uses the interface must login with a security clearance. This opens up access to them. Then under their entries the computer starts listing all actions they perform. This log is easily tampered with.”

“Meaning anyone could have tampered with the beacon computer systems?” Beka questioned.

“No.” Harper shook his head. “This green highlighted portion of the screen is the opened back-up log. It was created to record all actions simultaneously to the main log.” Harper pointed to the green portion of the diagram.

“In essence, everything is being recorded twice?” Dylan asked as he watched the screen in front of them change.

“Nailed it.” Harper hit a button next to the screen, which highlighted another portion in blue. “This is the back-up archive, which is where each back-up cycle is stored.”

Sirees spoke. “Every time a cycle is up the computer seals the opened back-up and then stores it in the archive.” She smiled. “That I know.”

“These are accessible but tamper proof.” Harper chimed in.

“So how exactly did someone tamper with it?” Beka asked looking more annoyed the longer the explanation grew.

“I would assume they tampered with the back-up during the cycle or right before the cycle ended and the file was sealed.” Tyr spoke up.

“That’s why I’m the genius and your not.” Harper quipped at Tyr who gritted his teeth. “This is where Randir was truly a genius.” Harper looked at Sirees with a small smile which she returned. “The opened back-up logs are evasive. They store themselves into a location in the computer. If someone tries to find them or they almost accidentally stumble upon them, the back-up logs download themselves to another location in the databank making it so the person never finds their location.”

“Then how exactly was the beacon tampered with?” Dylan put his hands on his hips.

“They over rode the system. Whoever had an override code which is the only why to get in here.” Harper grabbed a flexi from the top of the console. “There are several codes but only one was used recently. Myrees. They erased the files but I think they tampered with the beacon to send out a signal. My guess is it was to attract the Dragans but I can’t be positive.”

Sirees rubbed the bridge of her nose. “So really we’ve gotten no where.”

“I wouldn’t say that.” Beka looked puzzled at Sirees’s oversight. “We have the pass code which has to connect to a person.”

Sirees walked a few feet away. “A pass code is hardly secure. Anyone could have used it.”

“Well why don’t we find the owner of the pass code and determine whether or not it is possible they are the perpetrator.” Dylan wanted to make things sound more hopeful but Sirees only seemed to become more upset.

“You don’t understand.” Sirees flailed her arms as she turned to face them. She turned her hands inward on her. “That code is mine.”

Andromeda: Dylan’s Office

Dylan, Beka and Tyr had returned to Andromeda but Beka stopped abruptly. “May I speak with you in private, Dylan?”

Dylan nodded and gestured for his office as Tyr eyed them and kept walking. “What is it, Beka?” Dylan leaned against his desk watching the woman ponder her words.

Beka took a few moments before looking at Dylan. “I noticed you and Sirees seem to be friendly, and I don’t want to upset you but…”

Dylan was curious. “But?”

“Sirees has ulterior motives.” Beka looked at him.

“Beka, I don’t know where this is coming from but…”

“I can see it why can’t you?” Beka pleaded. “She’s manipulating you."

“Beka, I can handle Sirees.” Dylan could see through Sirees and he knew she was hiding something.

“I talked to Casselle and Randir.” She looked down at the floor knowing he wouldn’t be all that happy.

“Why?” His voice became slightly harder.

“Because they both have insight into her.” Beka sighed and then looked at Dylan sympathetically. “Randir is hiding something. He clammed up the moment I asked, but Casselle was infinitely more helpful. According to her Tyr taught Sirees to fight, something I can’t get Tyr to confirm, but even he had a bad reaction to the line of questioning.” Beka shook her head. “Aren’t you getting this? Don’t you see she’s playing games with all of us?”

“Beka, I know what Sirees is doing, but I have no reason to doubt her.” Dylan knew it wasn’t the truth. His gut instincts were telling him to doubt what she said but it wasn’t the proof Beka was looking for.

“People on this planet seem to think Sirees showed up here because she was running from something. I know Tyr thinks she’s dangerous.”

“I know she’s dangerous. I saw her take Randir out. Remember I was there. I also know she’s running from something. I can see it when she talks about leaving Ladonia.”

“Dylan, it isn’t a coincidence her pass code was the one found in the beacons systems.”

Dylan knew she had a point. The fact the code has been hers was not lost on him, and for a split second he wanted to believe someone else had entered it but he also knew in his gut Sirees was more involved than she was letting on. But part of him trusted her. “Do you have proof?”

“The code is proof. Proof she will explain away if you let her.” Beka eyed him.

Andromeda: Medical Deck

Beka stormed into Medical. “Andromeda. Trance.”

Andromeda’s holographic form instantly appeared in front of her. “Beka?”

Trance came out of her corner where she’d been studying up on a few things, but Beka held a hand out to her, silencing her before she could acknowledge Beka’s presence.

“You know what Rommie knows, right?” Beka questioned.

“That is correct.”

“Then you know Rommie isn’t telling Dylan about all of this?” Beka questioned again.

“That is also correct, but if the Captain asks me I will be forced to answer truthfully.”


“Beka, what happened?” Trance looked upset by the other woman’s demeanor.

“I just got through talking to Dylan. He can’t seem to see Sirees Anwar is hiding something from us. I told him I talked to Casselle and Randir and while Randir was inclined to keep his mouth shut Casselle was more forthcoming. Casselle believes Tyr was the one who trained Sirees to fight, which he won’t talk about, but people down there also believe Sirees is running from something. Trance you have to be able to see it?”

“I see she’s scared of something. I think Dylan sees that too.” Trance was slightly concerned Dylan wasn’t being as objective as he should.

“If Dylan sees it, then why isn’t he doing something about it? You do know Sirees’s pass code was found in the beacon system. She wants us to believe she had nothing to do with what happened but… she’s lying. I know it.”

Trance could tell Beka was upset… more than a little. It was eating at Beka, not being able to truly prove Sirees was lying and playing them for fouls, but Trance had consulted her own ‘instincts’ after she’d spoken with Rommie and Beka before. “Maybe I should approach, Medi Anwar.”

Andromeda looked to the two of them. “You can do it now. Medi Anwar is on board and headed for Dylan’s office.” She shimmered out of existence and Trance stormed past Beka in search of revelations only confrontation would give her.


Sirees had come up to Andromeda to speak to Dylan. She had decided it best to keep a closer eye on the man. She was sure he was trust worthy but it was better for her to keep everything under wraps just in case she didn’t need to tell all. She turned her head slightly noticing Trance. “Trance?” She’d been so deep in thought the woman’s presence hadn’t registered until now.

Trance stopped catching Medi Anwar’s arm. “Medi, I would like to speak with you.”

“Call me Sirees.” Sirees turned to her. “What is it?”

“Sirees, I was wondering how you knew someone was following you around in the citadel?” Trance tilted her head slightly giving the appearance she was the most innocent being in the universe.

“Years of training.” Sirees smiled at her and started to turn.

“With all due respect, that isn’t an answer.” Trance’s tone became cold. Sirees turned to her in surprise. “You toy in the wars of others. You even rule people who have nothing to do with you.”

Sirees scoffed. “Why do people who say ‘with all do respect’ show none?” She looked at the woman facing her. “Before you presume to judge maybe you should walk in my boots. I don’t toy with anything; I do what I was trained to do. The fact, the Ladonian people decided to make me their very unwilling Medi is lost on me, but I took the position out of respect and a willingness to help them.” Sirees kept her voice low but the force wasn’t lost on the slightly startled Trance.

“I can see through you. I know the danger you are putting us in. That you expected the attack against you speak volumes as to your enigmatic history. It just mystifies me Dylan doesn’t address it.” Trance’s voice stayed the calm volume it always did, but the way she spoke contemptuous at best.

This anger inside of her was overwhelming. She knew she wouldn’t be a match for Trance. How she knew she wasn’t sure but she felt the overwhelming heat from Trance which made Sirees think twice about being on the woman’s bad side. And yet she was sick to death of self-righteous people judging her choices. She had made the right decision all those years ago, she had made the right decision by taking on her current position, and she was making the right decision by getting off Ladonia. “I knew I had an invisible foe pursuing me because I’m trained to know when my surroundings change.” Not at all true. She never understood the ability to just know things. “And as for Dylan, I do believe you underestimate him!”

Trance was feeling oddly intimidated. She rarely felt powerless because she knew she wasn’t but Medi Anwar had made her second guess herself. “I’ll assume Randir knows something about you and you’re afraid he’ll tell. His comment was not lost on anyone.” Trance shook her head. “I hear death is the appropriate course of punishment. Such threats. Is this how you keep rule?”

“Know, I never threaten. I state my mind. As for Randir, the punishment for his crime is death, but I tend to look past the crime to the motivation. I don’t want him dead.” Sirees spat out. “But you know that.”

“Isn’t it wonderful how you protect them? Or do you?” Trance eyed her. “I know you’re hiding from something. It’s as if you expect someone to emerge from the sky. You’re hiding on this planet and now we are here you’re afraid whoever is after you will show. Secrets create problems and tragedy.” Trance’s voice sounded calm but was far from actually being calm.

Sirees paused for only a moment. “You and I both have secrets. I don’t see you sharing.” Sirees drew closer to a slightly startled Trance. “That’s right. I see the secrets in you. You didn’t expect that did you? No, you expected me to be as clueless as Dylan and the others. I’m not! I can see you for who you really are!” Sirees turned on the heels of her boots and stalked off. Damn she baited me.

Trance stood wide-eyed at the fury she had released in Medi Anwar. She knew she had said a lot of harsh and judgmental things but she was concerned about how volatile Medi Anwar was. Trance had scared the crap out of her far share of alien races but Medi Anwar had just rattled her to her very core. Yes she had her secrets, but how would Medi Anwar know anything of her? Maybe she’d underestimated Sirees. Maybe she didn’t know enough about Sirees to judge. Trance watched the woman and the warrior stalk down the corridor. “I sense there is so much more to her than we’ll ever really know.”

Andromeda’s holographic image shimmered into existence. “In regards to what?”

Trance smiled at Andromeda. “She’ll be important to all of our lives.”

Andromeda regarded that for a moment as Trance walked away and then she shimmered out of existence.

Ladonia: Senator Ursal’s Office

Ursal sat at his desk in the senate building. He stared at the paper work that was piling up in front of him. He should have never given his assistant the cycle off. He rose to his feet stretching his tall frame. He walked over to the machine sitting in his private kitchen. He poured himself a glass of the hot liquid inside of a pot, his people call casmor. Sirees had once told him it resembled something called coffee but tasted less desirable.

A strange noise rang out from the other room. Ursal was so startled his casmor spilled on him and he yelped in pain. He listened carefully hoping the noise was simply his assistant dropping something. Ursal grabbed a cloth and started wiping the hot liquid from his cloths. “I have report after report to get to.” Ursal said to himself, trying to prevent his thoughts from spiraling out of control.

Ever since Juni’s attack all the Senators were scared. Ursal’s concern had been evident with the arrival of the Commonwealth vessel but after the attack on Juni he’d become as jumpy as a jisto bug (a particularly jumpy bug on Ladonia). He didn’t agree with Sirees Anwar being their Medi or her bringing them to the Commonwealth but he surely didn’t want anyone to come to any harm let alone himself.

Ursal sighed and sat behind his desk; staring at the papers in front of him. Something caught his eye. He looked out his opened door and called out for his assistant. “Isyia?” He got to his feet and rounded his desk slowly, but stopped short as a shadow feel across his doorway. “Isyia?” He called again, praying to the Ladonian gods that Isyia was indeed out their and that his worst fears were not coming true.

Ursal tried to compose himself as he took another step closer to his door. His throat clinched as a figured filled his doorway. “Oh! Gods I thought… doesn’t matter what I thought. I’m just glad I was…” Ursal’s eyes widened as the realization hit him along with the energy blast.

Chapter 6: Confessions
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