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10th Day of Christmas: Pringles Gift Cans!

Okay so for those who give out cookies or maybe Reindeer Chow.... how about Chex Mix or Fudge. Well whatever goodie you give out sometimes you need a creative container to put them in. Something you already have or don't want to get back from the person... why not a Pringles tube?

Pringles cans, minus the Pringles
Wrapping Paper
Ribbons or Bows
Cookies/Candy/Goodie for inside

Mix It Up

  1. Pop open those Pringles containers.

  2. Eat chips.

  3. Give the inside a quick wash but try not to get the outside wet or it is worthless.

  4. Let them dry.

  5. Make cookies/goodies for inside. I can really see the Reindeer Chow in here.

  6. Take dry Pringles tubes and wrap with wrapping paper... use double sided tape to keep the paper on the tube.

  7. Fill with goodie!

  8. Put bow on lid or tie a ribbon on the outside (double sided tape will keep the ribbon in place too).

  9. Gift as you like.

Okay when I stumbled upon this online I was floored. My mom used to do this! I remember her giving them to people with popcorn or Chex Mix in them. They are so fun and I remember her making us individual ones as kids so we wouldn't argue over who got what. (Yes, we argued a lot as children.) I remember my mom letting us pick the wrapping paper for ours too.

I think a child could totally help you customize these for teachers, neighbors, and friends. They will have fun picking out paper and then putting the bows on the tops... even filling them with goodies.

Wouldn't it be fun to find a teddy bear cookie inside???

I don't have Pringles in the house should see if my mom has some and then I can fill them up!

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