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9th Day of Christmas: Marshmallow Reindeers!

Okay so maybe you've made Santa hat cookies are Santa boot cookies. Either way let's give him some reindeer! These are fun and actually easy despite all the steps. What I love is that they are just a fun thing to make and both kids and adults alike will love them. And as I'm a big kid, I love the idea and remember making these years ago, though I don't think I have my own pictures so I had to find them online but mine looked similar if a bit messier.

Large Marshmallows
Lollipop sticks, popsicle sticks, or pretzel sticks
Ribbon (optional)
Melting Chocolate (ones you buy at the craft store for their smooth texture, you can use other melting chocolate)
Cinnamon dots, Hot Tamales, Mini Baking M&Ms, or Mike & Ike's Reds
Small Pretzels
Pearl Sprinkles (or other candies for the eyes)
Foam block

Mix It Up

  1. Get all your items out.

  2. Break the pretzel in half. Sometimes they break in all manner of odd shapes. Those can be eaten and just break more until you get them to look nice.

  3. If you are using something like a Mike & Ikes you might want to cut the end off of the little candies to make the noses. For the other candies just count them out so they are ready.

  4. Put your marshmallows on their sticks. Push them into the foam block to make holes ready for when you've dipped them.

  5. You can also make the holes for the antlers now so they are easier to insert after dipped in chocolate.

  6. Melt your chocolate as instructed on the container. This is usually in the microwave for 20-30 seconds on high, stirring each time you restart microwave, until the chocolate is JUST melted... not too hot now.

  7. Dip mashmallow. You can use the backside of a spoon to smooth the chocolate. Insert into foam. Repeat for about 6 marshmallows.

  8. Add preztels to previously made holes. Hold them for a second to make sure they are secure in their perch.

  9. For eyes and nose you can try affixing them when the chocolate is wet or simply dab a little chocolate on the back and stick to the hardened chocolate later.

  10. Once they are totally dry, tie a ribbon around the stick as a scarf.

These are fun for parties whether it is a get-together or a school party. Kids love them! And they are very cute to add to a gift. It has been a while since I've made these and I wish I'd taken a picture but I remember people thinking they were awesome and I've seen them in stores selling for $5!

As you can see from the picture there are different ways you can do them. The picture at the top as the marshmallow in a more landscape way which makes the reindeer look like they have a snout. Or the portrait way which is equally as cute. And you can make the antlers go out or turned in. All up to you.

I don't know where you can get the candies that look like eyes. I've never used them but I would look at a baking store. They might be a the craft store?
I find this last picture funny because it is a herd of them. LOL

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