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October 30 2015 @ 05:20 pm
TV Time #HollowBones  
I have been remiss in my TV Talk too. There were some shows I wanted to talk about and I haven't been.

  1. Blindspot

  2. Arrow

  3. Supernatural

  4. Maybe Sleepy Hollow

  5. Heroes Reborn

My biggest problem is I'm not as caught up as I'd like to be but I'm going to discuss some anyway.

Blindspot 106: Cede Your Soul
[Thoughts on 106]I loved Cede Your Soul which the hacker girl who created the tracking program. As soon as they brought her in I knew what had happened. But I liked her and I especially loved she had insight into Jane's tattoo. I'm kind of hoping they keep her around or at least she remains a friend of Jane's.

The tension between Kurt and Jane is insane. I really thought in the beginning of the episode the dream had been about Kurt and the whole tree thing was just a glimpse into their past because of the tree that scarred her but wow the ending of this episode and bringing someone else into play.

Kurt clearly has trouble keeping separate from Jane/Taylor but why should he. I mean I feel like they could be close and he could help her but I don't want the show to be cheesy either.

Arrow 403: Restoration
I'm a week behind but here is this...
[Thoughts on 403]I love that Diggle and Oliver worked together in this episode. I'm really loving how light Oliver seems to be right now. He's with Felicity, he's being positive and he's helping people as the Green Arrow now. There is a bit of the darkness missing but not so much that it ruins things. I'm just enjoying that Oliver isn't pushing everyone away. But when is he going to propose to Felicity???

Laurel is a selfish bitch. How could she dig up her sister and take her to Parbat to put her in the Lazarus Pit? Crazy much? Thea wasn't even dead when she went in, I think. Sara has been dead for months. MONTHS! And Thea is struggling with darkness and the need to kill so what does she think Sara will be like?

I know people like Merlin but I've always hated him and his trick on Thea didn't gardner any good feelings. There has to be a way to fix Thea otherwise she'll just become a serial killer.

Supernatural 1103: The Bad Seed
Again behind but that is because of the Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover...
[Thoughts on 1103]Part of my liked seeing Dean and Sam hunt down Rowena but I'm not entirely sure why she'd help them. And to offer up the Codex. What a bad idea boys. Rowena kind of double crossing them was an obvious turn but at least they helped out Cas.

Crowley is really arrogant if he thinks he can control Amara. I mean she's sucking the souls out of anything that comes close. She's definitely got her ideas about things but I'm wondering if this whole story is going to be a bash God fest. I don't really enjoy that. But I do wonder if God is hanging back for a greater reason. I mean someone talked to Same and helped him with the cure.

I do fear they will tell us He was locked away somewhere or something dumb like that.

I kind of miss Sam and Dean saving people. They've kind of had a lot of losses already this season.

Bones 1105: The Resurrection in the Remains (1)/Sleepy Hollow 305: Dean Men Tell No Tales (2)
This was a fun crossover. I did wonder how they would pull something like this off but it made enough sense.
[Crossover thoughts....]I loved Ichabod's appearance at the Jeffersonian and he's enthusiasum for being able to search their archives. The subtle jokes about his coat were funny and I loved that both Booth and Bones didn't know what to make of him.

I loved the appearance of the letter signed by George Washington that Ichabod transcribed 200 years in the past. And a nice bit of word play to convince Bones that it is possible his ancestor wrote it.

But, of course, once that headless corpse got into Sleepy Hollow it came alive with a little help from Pandora. I like that Ichabod and Abbie went over the obvious about how they would do anything in the tomb with Bones and Booth right there.

I did really love the costume joke about Ichabod not really dressing up but Zoe knowing exactly who he was dressed as. She's cute and I love her and Ichabod's interactions.

I knew what was happening with Jenny and Joe would end up stumbling into something that would affect them all. And now Abbie has to explain why her sister is in the middle of an investigation. I have to say, I don't like the new boss. I don't like his familiarity with Abbie. I feel like he presumes too much.

Oh and going back to the dentist scene in the previous episode. Priceless. I loved how cute he thought his bit emoji was. Oh Ichabod I adore you.

Heroes Reborn 105: The Lion's Den
Again behind!
[Thought on 105]I can't say I was happy with the whole Tommy being taken and "enrolled". I felt like the next thing they should have done is tattoo a number on him. Disgusting. I get rather angry when shows or stories decided that different means you have to track them or something. I mean it is a common story theme but why would all assume people with powers must be destroyed. Some of these abilities are very useful and would be great assets to the world.

The whole Miko thing is odd. I keep wondering if she's even real. How can her abilities work. Normally these abilities seem to be more natural like they would work in any time period but hers seems to work with video games?

I'm really interested in Malina. She seems very powerful but it almost seems like she needs certain powers to compliment hers. Can't wait to see more.

I'm appreciating Zachary Levi more. He now has an ability which puts him at odds with his wife Joanne who is completely crazy. I think he'll have to help Malina but I wonder if he'll willingly do good.

Carlos helping the cop who likely killed his brother is a shocker but I'm a little disgusted that the cop helped put other evos away like himself.

Really need to catch up because I want to see Hiro!
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Jill aka Jo: Arrow: Time to be a superherosireesanwar on November 17th, 2015 09:56 pm (UTC)
Mine too. I can't stand him.

Me too though I liked how they resolved it but I think Sarah is still struggling.

Well, I don't just because they'll bash Him terribly. But at some point I hope there is just a positive twist because I feel bad for Sam and Dean. It is like a no-win situation.
Kaylee Winchester: Supernatural - Dean Smileroguem on November 25th, 2015 11:06 am (UTC)
Well, she's going on that new TV show so I guess things will work out for her somehow.

Yeah, agreed. I am enjoying this season, and am curious to see where they're going with this.