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Explanation of username Meme

I decided to steal a meme quiz from lovetruthbella!

Post an explination of how yo came up with your username

Okay this is a weird meme but it sounds fun. Originally I went by the alias MknzyCalhoun because it was a character from the New Frontier book series written by Peter David. I also created a character named Mknzy Calhoun MacKenzie Hoffman for roll playing in the Pretender world. She and her name are complicated.

After sometimes using that name I started getting into the show Andromeda and came up with a story called Just a World Away (must be a friend to read it). I essentially wanted to write about a woman warrior who was like the Nietzscheans only with some differences. As I wrote her story she because exceedingly mysterious and refused to tell Dylan Hunt much about her name. She intrigued me. The second story about her didn't come out all that well but still it proved she wasn't anywhere close to perfect. Since, then I've tried writing a couple more stories about her but her mysteries and past have become complicated and hard to work out.... still working on it. She's quite difficult to deal with.

In choosing her name I started looking around Behing the Name and came across some names:
Seres which is a surname derived from Soros which is from the Hungarian word Sor which means beer. Originally the name was given to beer brewers, or someone who drank too much beer.
Cerys also Cary which means love.

I know a strange combination though I always got the impression that Sirees drank her sorrows and past into oblivion though she has trouble actually getting drunk. Also I've already decided that Sirees was named by her mother who loved her immensely, and who Sirees adored. I decided to change Seres a bit and so Sirees came about. Pronounced Sir-reese.

Anwar means brighter. She is always one step ahead of her enemies and those she keeps secrets from.

I loved the character after I created her so I decided to use her name... she didn't seem to mind.
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