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The Muppets: Pig Girls Don't Cry

Don't do this to me! I love The Muppets as characters but so often the shows, the movies all fall a little flat. Now I adore Muppet's Treasure Island but many of the others just aren't as good and for me the pilot of the new show wasn't spectacular. It had it's funny moments but overall it was only cute.

It seemed like they were making the show similar to that of 30 Rocks in regard to it being a behind the scenes working of a TV show, in this case Miss Piggy's late night talk show, with those close up one-on-one interviews. It is a clever, albeit copied, idea for our Muppet friends. My issue is some of the jokes weren't all that funny.

But because it is Kermit and the gang, I want to continue to watch the show. I really love these guys and would be so sad if the show didn't do well. There should always be a place for Kermit and the gang, okay maybe not Miss Piggy - never liked her. I've loved these muppets since I was a kid and I want them to always have a place in our lives so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the show does better. *fingers crossed*
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