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Chronicles of Nick Series (#5 & #6) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Illusion Instinct
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Series: Chronicles of Nick
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is a great paranormal young adult series. I rather liked the Dark Hunter series in the beginning but if you've gotten very far into it you'll realize Nick's life isn't trying out so well. So why not try to reset the timeline but altering what happens to the younger Nick? Nick and his friends have many adventures, thwart many evil plots all while trying to prevent Nick from becoming the evil that destroys the world, plus they have to go to high school. Nick often makes me laugh and while Nick and the writing style seems young in the beginning, I think Kenyon does a good job of aging Nick and the story as the books move on.

From Zombies to an evil coach to bullies with and evil twist and then his own horrible father; Nick never fails to rise above his destiny to be the good guy he always wanted to be.

Volumes 5 & 6 are no exception to this as Nick really starts coming into it own and dealing with who and what he is while working to make different decisions than the Nick who came before him.

Illusion #5
Be careful what you wish for…

You just might get it.

Nick Gautier is tired of his destiny. He doesn’t want to be the son of a demon who’s fated to end the world. Nor does he want to see another demon or other preternatural creature who wants to kill or enslave him. He just wants to be normal and have normal problems like everyone else.

But normality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When he gets sucked into an alternate reality where his mother has married his mentor and his Atlantean god best friend has become a human geek, he begins to understand that no life is free of pain, and that every person has a specific place in the universe… Even the son of a hated demon.

Most of all, he sees that his powers aren’t the curse he thought they were, and that the world needs a champion, especially one its enemies can’t imagine rising up to defend the ones he should destroy.

Old enemies and new friends square off for a major battle that will either restore Nick to his real world, or end him forever.

Review: Illusion gives us many illusions and changes to deal with notably that Acheron is only 5 feet tall!

If you've ever wondered what and alternate reality would be like... read this book.

So the deal is this: Nick's life is about keeping alive and not going evil. He's tall and handsome, though he doesn't see it, and apparently has the potential to destroy the world.

And then he got sucked into a different reality where he's short, average and doesn't have a single power to his name to protect himself from the evil forces out to enslave and use him.

Just another day in Nick Gautier's life.

I was really concerned about this book. When I read the end of Inferno and realized exactly what Kenyon had planned; I wanted to groan. Alternate reality? Seriously? Just get to the story.

But this wasn't just a way to kill time. It proved a point to everyone around Nick about his powers, his relationship to them and taught Nick a thing or two about wielding the powers he now has. Oh and it gave a small reconciliation between father and son though I'm not sure I need that.

And snarky Nick is all about taking things in stride, fighting evil and saving his mama at all costs.

Kenyon did a great job with this book, while bringing in a new character for Nick's story and making it possible for Nick to grow as a "being" and further the story. Kenyon is a rock star!

This is a great series and well worth the read.

Favorite quotes:

♥ “My worst fear? Being like everyone else. So I usually battle it with my extraordinary powers of awesomeness.”

Instinct #6
Zombies, demons, vampires, shapeshifters— another day in the life of Nick Gautier– and those are just his friends. But now that he’s accepted the demon that lives inside him, he must learn to control it and temper the very emotions that threaten the lives of everyone he cares for. Something that’s hard to do while trying to stay off the menus of those who want his head on a platter. And no one wants him more than the dark gods who created his race. Now that they know where he is, they will stop at nothing to reclaim him. And without knowing it, Nick has just embraced the one person he should never have trusted. The one person who will hand him over to his enemies to get back the life they lost.

Nick has finally accepted his fate, now he must learn to defy his destiny, and the dark, deadly forces that will stop at nothing to destroy everyone he loves so that they can again return to the world of man and own it.

Review: Nothing will earn Nick rest. His very nature seems to mean he is going to be fighting for the rest of his life. Good thing he has some worthy allies.

This installment was definitely better but the change in quality really seems insignificant to me as the entire series is great.

This time Nick has to save the people he loves and prove himself as the Malachi. And along the way there are a few newbies who get swept up in the madness of Nick's life. I knew off the bat who would betray Nick, as he's warned, and while I missed Caleb and Kody having more of a part, I still loved the book.

We get to know a little about Xev who is just so easy to get attached to with his emotional wounds. I also loved Xavid who is a great addition and a few of the others. Aeron was a pleasant surprise and addition to the series and one I hope to learn more about since he appears to have a past with Thorn.

As always Simi's presence in any story is just wonderful. I think she's probably my favorite character because of her innocence and her desire to eat everything with BBQ sauce. She's so funny especially when she's annoyed with people.

This series has been so enjoyable and I can't wait for another book.

The Series:

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