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Andromeda: Just a World Away, TA/OFC, [PG], 4/7

Title: Just A World Away
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 4 of 7
Rating: PG
Characters: Dylan, Tyr, Beka, Harper, Trance, OFC (Sirees), Other OCs
Archiving: Command Deck
Warnings: Action, Drama
SPOILERS: None that I know of.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Andromeda characters so don't sue me. The character, Sirees Anwar and all other original characters are mine and I hope you like them.
The Andromeda crew comes across a strange beacon and someone from Tyr's past. Dylan and crew struggle to help a world with a leader who is hiding more than she uncovers.
AN: I wrote this story before taking the penname SireesAnwar. I just really liked the character and I hope you do too.

Chapter 4: Confrontation

Ladonia: Citadel: Beacon Control

“I don’t understand.” Harper rose from the floor scratching his head. “None of this makes sense.”

Talor had left to attend to some business, but was now returning just in time to overhear Harper. “What is it you are having trouble with?”

“The back-ups for the beacon control logs register there has been no activity since the previous back-ups. And I am assuming you keep close tabs on these beacons, so therefore I didn’t understand how there could be no control logs.”

“If the control logs were deleted before the back-ups were initiated wouldn’t that cause the problem you are seeing?” Talor had to wonder if the people Medi Anwar were avoiding, had planned this. She had told him there were people from her past who had issues with her, but she had never really gone into detail. He in turn swore to protect her.

“Nope, the back-ups would still have the records.”

“Couldn’t the back-up files have been tampered with?” Talor stared down at Harper.

Harper stared back having trouble with the fear inside of him. Dylan had told him that the only people with access to the beacon controls were Juni, Randir, Talor and Medi Anwar herself. Harper had been working with one of the suspects the whole time. Harper shuddered at the thought. Talor was a giant of an alien and the scar across his face didn’t help sooth Harper’s nerves. “Nope. The back-ups couldn’t have been tampered with.”

Talor walked forward and sat in a control room chair. “So they are tamper proof.”

“Nope.” Harper looked at Talor who had a decidedly frustrated almost deadly look on his face. “It’s complicated.” Harper looked at the beacon controls proudly. “I have to say this is a remarkable piece of equipment. If I didn’t know better I’d say I built it.” Harper looked at the now irritated Talor and smiled.

“Randir built the beacons.” Talor stood and crossed his arms.

“I know. I was just… never mind.” Harper turned to pick up some of his tools. “My point is I can’t find one single reason to think someone has tampered with these beacons, but then again, someone had to. This fine piece of machinery didn’t just expire on its own.”

Ladonia: Citadel: Infirmary

Sirees sat in a chair with her feet up watching Randir as he slept. Casselle had come and gone, making sure she didn’t need anything. She had told her no and continued to ponder Randir’s betrayal. She could hardly believe this was the man she had trusted and the same man who had tried to kill her. She thought back to the pain in her life.

She had seen things and experienced things she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemies. She had been banished from her world, an experience that had devastated her at the time. She had been knowingly left on a cold planet where she would have been doomed to die if not for Tyr. Ah, Tyr. Tyr had lied. Not the worst thing that could happen to a person, but when it’s the one you love and something that so betrays you, it becomes unbearable.

After she left Tyr, she had gone from place to place getting wrapped up in other races battles. She had taken advantage of the battles always siding with the party who was being wrongly oppressed, slaughtered, or just the underdog.

She would offer her services for weapons, money, and other items of interest. She had seen towns slaughtered, people blown up, and men raping defenseless women; she had killed those men. She had seen horrors beyond most people’s comprehension and in probably more than one case she had been the reason for it. And now she was in the middle of the Ladonians problems.

She had watched Tal leave and then Randir, and now she was dealing with the betrayal of one of her closest friends. It made her angry. She stared at Randir who slept soundly. She envied him that. No matter how hard she tried, everything she experienced haunted her dreams. She had become an insomniac.

She turned to watch a doctor punch something up onto the screen. She turned her head back to look at Randir only now he was staring back at her.

“Rees.” was all he said.

That name. So few call me that. She didn’t move except to shake her head. “Tell me.” Sirees stared at him. “Tell me who told you all those lies? Tell me why you believed them?”

Randir sat up on the medical bed. “There were reports being sent into space. I programmed news to be sent into the orbital beacon so I could keep tabs on Ladonia. I assumed they were all true. Why else would the news reports on the planet say such things?”

“If I knew I would tell you.” Sirees took a deep breath. “Rand, I trusted you with…” Sirees glanced quickly at the doctors. “With so much and you tried to kill me.”

Randir knew what she was referring to. “I was wrong but no harm came from it.” He subtly tried to tell her he had kept her secret.

Sirees stood and started to leave the infirmary feeling better knowing she still had time.

“Rees?” Randir called after her.

She turned to him quickly. “I don’t think you have the right to call me that anymore.” Her eyes were cold and unfriendly. “What?”

He seemed a bit startled at the anger she was hiding. “What will happen to me?”

Sirees walked closer to him. “What do you think should happen?”

“I should be punished. Death seems appropriate.” Randir replied honestly. Treachery was punishable by death on their planet.

“I agree. But I am willing to believe you were manipulated. Captain Hunt is assisting me in investigating this matter, but if I find out you have lied…” Sirees watched his expression. She didn’t really know what she would do. “If you lied I will kill you myself.” She said in a low voice. She turned and left the infirmary leaving Randir to think about his future or lack thereof.

Andromeda: Captain’s Office

Dylan sat at his desk going over the information constantly rolling in from Andromeda’s sensors. Dylan had sent Harper to the planet to investigate the beacon and whether or not it had been tampered with. He was only now starting to receive anything from the surface. Dylan’s door chimed. “Come in.”

Medi Anwar entered. “Dylan. How are things coming?” She sat in the chair in front of his desk.

Dylan smiled at her as she walked in. “Sirees, it is always a pleasure to see you.” He thought better of his words after saying them.

She stared at him. She cleared her throated. “Did you find something?”

“Actually, it’s what Harper didn’t find. He tells me there is no record of anyone operating the orbital beacon controls, but he’s still working on it.”

“That isn’t possible.” Sirees stood and came around the desk to look at his screen. She leaned down a bit over him and he watched her. “The beacons are monitored on a regular basis.” She pointed to the screen.

“That is what Commodore Talor told Harper, and there is the fact, when we arrived here you had Talor run diagnostics on the beacon.” Dylan pointed out to her.

“You were paying attention.” Her eyes twinkled with amusement.

“I try.” Dylan smiled widely. He got to his feet and began to pace the room. “Harper believes the beacon operation logs have been wiped or destroyed, which would make what Randir told you a possibility. Of course, those are only his assumptions. He has work to do before he can confirm anything.”

Sirees walked back to the other side of Dylan’s desk. “Damn it. Someone is playing games. And for the life of me I don’t understand what’s going on.”

“Well, I would start with who has the access and ability to use the beacon controls.” Dylan stood across the room from her.

“Talor, Juni, Randir and I, all have access to the beacons.” Sirees moved closer to Dylan.

Dylan smiled slightly at Sirees as he returned to his desk. “Let’s assume you didn’t tamper with the beacon…”

“Such confidence.” She grinned. “Truth is I’m technologically illiterate when it comes to that thing.” Sirees turned to stand in front of his desk.

“And Randir wasn’t on the planet… which only leaves Talor and Juni.” Dylan looked up and immediately focused on her violet eyes. “Of course, Juni is automatically removed from suspicion.”

“Okay, I have very little luck in where I put my trust but I can’t believe that Talor would do such a thing.” Sirees placed her hands on his desk and leaned down.

“So it would appear we have to wait for Mr. Harper to find the truth.” Dylan said. He watched her. She looked ragged. He was sure she hadn’t slept in days. “Maybe you should get some rest.”

“Not likely. I don’t sleep much.” Sirees turned and started for the door, but then turned back to Dylan when she heard her name.

“Sirees,” Dylan stared after her, “When are you going to tell me what it is you really want from me?”

She turned at smiled at him. Yep, he was perceptive. He saw right through her which she wasn’t sure she liked. “You mean what I told Senator Ursal was none of his business?”

“Okay.” Dylan leaned against his desk.

“I was hoping Ladonia would join the Commonwealth…” She walked into his office more, “I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to name my successor and then I thought maybe you’d be able to drop me off on a planet where I could get a slipstream drive.”

Dylan was definitely surprised. He imagined all manner of scenarios but leaving the life and luxury of being royalty wasn’t one of them. “You’re not staying on Ladonia?”

Sirees shook her head. “I can’t.”

“Well, I know it isn’t because the Ladonians don’t want you here.” Dylan gestured for her to sit down. “Why don’t you tell me what this is about?”

Sirees stared at him. Oh, yes, he wanted her to open up and bare her soul and there was no way she was going to do it, but she’d humor him if it meant she’d be getting off Ladonia. “This is about me. What else would it be about?”

Dylan knew her better than she thought he did. She was similar to him in the regard she felt every bit comfortable fighting but uncomfortable when they wanted to reward or praise her. She’d reluctantly taken their job offer and now she wanted out, but not because she didn’t want to be here, but because she was running from something. “I don’t sleep much.” Yep, had something to do with it. “You’re running from something.”

Sirees smiled up at him. “Actually, I’m standing quite still.”

Funny. “You’re dodging the question.”

Sirees tilted her head to one side. “You didn’t ask me a question. You made a statement; there was no question in there.”

Dylan considered the blackmail approach. “Look, I don’t have to take you anywhere…”

Sirees looked annoyed now. “So if I don’t bare my soul,” she mocked horror, “you’re going to leave me behind.” I have to get off this planet.

She’s going to test me and I’m going to cave because I really have no reason not to help her. Dylan stared Sirees down. “Sounds about right.”

You self righteous son of a bitch. She smiled at him with a hint of anger. “Fine. What do you want to know? Let me see. I was banished from my own planet, but not just banished… they sent me into space hoping to kill me but by the luck of the draw a freighter ship found me and then dropped me off on a planet where wouldn’t you know it, the conditions were deadly to me. I survived, met an interesting Nietzschean we both know but can’t say we love, and he betrayed me. Do you need more?”

Dylan sighed as he looked at her. If any of it were true, then she’d been through a lot and that explained something about Tyr which he’d been meaning to ask about, but truly that didn’t answer his question. “Why do you want to leave?” He said softly.

Sirees swallowed hard wanting to tell the truth but knew it wouldn’t go over well. The truth is I’ve made horrible mistakes. I’m not the victim I make myself out to be. “I can’t be these peoples reason to maintain peace. They have to stop looking to me for all the answers. Their better off relying on themselves rather than me.”

Part of it was true. He could sense that. He could also sense she was holding something back. “All right. I’ll get you where ever you need to go.”

Ladonian Infirmary

Beka felt it was odd Medi Anwar had shot a man she claimed to be friends with, but everyone there had said Randir was invisible. Still, something bothered Beka. How could Medi Anwar know where her attacker was as she fought him? Beka knew of many races, including Nietzscheans, that had heightened senses but all she knew about Sirees’s race is they weren’t Ladonians. Of course, it was equally true she wasn’t human or Nietzschean though she would have bet money on the latter. No Sirees Anwar’s eyes gave it away. She’d never seen anyone with violet eyes before.

Something gnawed at her. Medi Anwar had waited for everyone to be gone so she could talk with Randir. Beka had realized the moment she heard Medi Anwar had come to talk to her assailant on her own, something was off. There was something Medi Anwar was holding back… something she wasn’t telling Dylan. Something Dylan had to be ignoring.

She walked towards Randir who watched her as she entered the infirmary. “Can I ask you something?”

“I suppose.” Randir lay back on the medical bed.

“Do you know much about Medi Anwar?” Beka walked around him as she looked at the screens around them.

“I know enough.” Randir shifted to look at the now intrigued woman. He couldn’t remember if he’d been introduced to her. “I don’t think we know each other. I’m Randir.” He held out his hand to her.

She walked closer to him, but didn’t take his hand. “Beka Valentine.” She paused a moment and then continued. “Tell me how she fought you when she couldn’t see you?”

“That my dear baffles even me.” Randir smiled at her. “However, I truly believe she knew I was there the whole time. Something I do know about Sirees is she is acutely aware of her surroundings.”

Beka wasn’t all too surprised. “Medi Anwar seems to be preoccupied with something else. Would you know what that was?”

Randir seemed a bit startled but he quickly recovered. “No. It has been a while since I have been Sirees’s advisor.”

Beka immediately knew he was lying. She played it off. “Thanks.” She walked out of the infirmary. She’d bet money, Tyr would know something.

Beka walked out of the infirmary and headed back through the citadel.

“Beka Valentine, isn’t it?” A pleasant seeming voice questioned her.

Beka stopped in her tracks and turned towards the voice. “Yes, have we met?”

“Yes, when you arrived at the citadel for the first time.” The woman smiled as she turned her head and waved her hand at her. A rather gesture she didn’t see many races do. “I’m Scion Casselle. I am a successor to Medi Anwar.”

“Oh.” Beka’s mind flashed quickly. “So does that mean you know Medi Anwar well?”

“I know her better than most. She seems to like me well enough which is entirely an honor on Ladonia and in the Seventh City as well.”

Beka smiled kindly at the woman. “I have been wondering about something. Medi Anwar has been so busy I didn’t want to bother her, but I was wondering about her specifically. How she became such an accomplished warrior? How she came to be on this world and in turn your ruler? Maybe if she has enemies out there, in space that could do such things to your people?” Beka’s face looked sad but inside she was patting herself on the back for sounding so concerned.

Casselle looked thoughtful for a moment as she nodded her head. “Yes, important questions. Walk with me.” Beka complied as they headed into the gardens. “I believe your friend, the tall one with spikes on his arms, I believe he had something to do with her fighting skills. I can’t be sure but it is my belief.”

“And how did she get here?” Beka reminded her of her earlier line of questioning.

“She came in her ship and helped us during the Dragan Invasion, her and Commodore Tal, said to be a great man. He was like your tall friend. We are not aggressive people, our military was lacking and Medi helped us to work together. Commodore Tal and Medi help train the soldiers and taught many effective methods of defending the cities and themselves. After the Invasions stopped Medi was given her title. Many wanted her to stay with us. She’s the one who made sure she could choose a successor when she wanted.” Casselle informed Beka.

Beka was surprised. It seemed; to even her, Medi Anwar was by all accounts trying to help these people. “Any enemies?”

“I can not say.” Casselle stated a little too fast.

Beka saw the flash of cover cross Casselle’s face. “You can tell me. It will help us find out what’s going on.”

Casselle looked at Beka for a moment, clearly trying to decide if it was a good idea. “I can’t be sure if the rumors are true but some say Medi is running from something. I for one do not believe it. She’d stay and fight.”

Beka now knew if there was anything to this that Tyr would have to know something. There was no way he hadn’t at least tried to keep tabs on his former lover. “Thanks. I’ve… got to make sure everything’s good up there.” Beka pointed towards the sky as she turned and ran from the gardens.

Ladonia: Fleet Hanger

Dylan walked into the Ladonian Fleet Hanger cautiously. Casselle had warned him Sirees was in a foul mood since she came back from Andromeda a while ago. Casselle didn’t seem to know what was bothering Sirees, but Dylan knew he’s struck a nerve with the exotic woman. Something was eating at her. Something scared her and Dylan was sure little did, making him believe whatever it was couldn’t be good.

He walked slowly towards the ship one of the engineers pointed out to him. Of course, if Dylan had thought about it he would have assumed Sirees’s ship was the one in the far back corner of the hanger. It was the only one that was of a different design. It was slick with beautiful unfamiliar designs across its hull whereas the other ships looked more patched together. Dylan headed to the opened rear hatch. “Can I come in?”

Sirees’s didn’t look up at him. She was lying on her back underneath the navigation board. She continued to work for a moment until she pushed herself out and glared up at him. “You can if you’re not here to blackmail me again.”

Dylan faced contorted into a pained expression. “Yeah, about that.”

“Forget it.” Sirees pulled herself to her feet and turned to the helm controls. She tapped a few buttons and then smacked the console cursing in a language Dylan had never heard before.

“I don’t want to forget it.” Dylan watched as her body tensed and she slowly turned to look at him. Was she then expecting an apology? Boy will she be surprised.

“I do.” She muttered in his direction.

Dylan heard her, but he was surprised. He was sure she’d wait for an apology but he was wrong. She really didn’t want to talk about whatever was haunting her. “Why don’t you want to tell me what the real reason is for leaving Ladonia?” Sirees’s violet eyes locked on to him and he had to mentally remind himself she’d invited him aboard and wasn’t likely to kill him.

“It’s none of your damn business that’s why. You’re here to help the Ladonia’s with the Dragans and joining the Commonwealth. My reasons for leaving are my business. As long as things go as planned you’ll never have to know or see me again. Why is it so important you know everything, Captain Hunt? It isn’t like you go around baring your soul, why should I?”

That was it. She was guilty. Guilty of what he couldn’t be sure but she felt the guilt and she was running from it. “I didn’t say you had to, but if it hinders what I’m trying to accomplish then you’d better tell me, because I don’t want surprises.”

He’s a good man. He just wants to make sure he can help. I should tell him what I did… but he’ll hate me. I trust this man, and if he knew the truth he’d hate me. I couldn’t stand that. She already judged herself in regards to her past. She could deal with her own disgust but another’s… “If it interferes with your work, I will tell you.” Sirees looked down at the deck below her boot clad feet. “What do you think of my ship?”

Dylan smiled crookedly. “She’s a good looking little thing, but it seems like she’s having trouble getting off the ground.”

“There are just a few adjustments that need to be worked out and she’ll be ready.” She pushed herself away from the console she’d been leaning on and walked towards Dylan’s towering frame. “I want to show you something.” She grabbed his arm and pulled him down the rear ramp; grabbing a bracer on the way out.

He let her lead him into the hanger, wondering if this meant she was beginning to trust him more. He was sure once she trusted she’d spill but he felt there was a lot more he’d have to do to gain that trust.

They both stood in the hanger staring at the ship as Sirees punched a few buttons on the bracer. “This is actually how I discovered Casselle’s own abilities.” She punched a few more buttons and then her ship disappeared. “Casselle was the only one who found my ship in the desert exercise.”

Dylan stared at where the ship had been. “So you chose a successor.”

“Like I said. Casselle was the only one with the ability to find my ship. But that isn’t the point. My point is the shielding on my ship and the shielding Randir was wearing are the same.”

“Where did it come from?” Dylan looked to her. There was something important about this. Sirees was seeing it but he wasn’t. Could it be about her secret or was it about who she was? Likely it was a piece of the puzzle he just didn’t have.

“It is Camlayn shielding. Basically the same as the Camlayn personal shielding.” She punched a few buttons and the ship became visible again.

“I’ve never heard of your race before.” Dylan looked to her. She seemed to be willing to open up just a little. She had made it abundantly clear she didn’t want to discuss herself but it seemed she had little choice now.

“Understandable. They’re rather xenophobic. Not many people leave the planet and those who do are told not to return. Not the point.” She waved her hand. “I was thinking; if Randir was sent after me then there had to be a reason. It seems like someone’s telling me to get my butt off this rock. If they only knew.”

Dylan bit back a smiled. “You really think that?”

She wasn’t as amused as he was. Her face reflected that… that and the anger she felt because he thought it funny. “Yes, I do. Randir hasn’t spilled the beans yet but I’m guessing the shielding was left for him. It has to be someone who knows me and I’d bet they’re freaked now that you’re hear.”


Beka walked through the corridors of Andromeda. “Andromeda located Tyr.”

“Tyr Anasazi is in his quarters.” Andromeda’s voice rang out throughout the corridor.

Beka turned down an adjacent corridor and headed for his quarters. Tyr had to know more about Medi Anwar than he was telling. It was obvious they knew each other well. It was also obvious Tyr wasn’t on Medi Anwar’s good side and she compared it strangely enough to being on Dylan’s bad side.

Chapter 5: Uneasy Suspicions
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