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Eureka: Episode Thoughts 508-513

In Too Deep
SARAH the smarthouse is bursting at the seams with Jack, Allison, Jenna, Kevin, Fargo, Holographic Holly, and Andy. Allison just wants to find her phone and a moment of peace. And it is Feynman's Day in Eureka which means pranks! It is Eureka's version of April Fools. Jack wants to set a date for their wedding but Allison is dragging her feet. Jo is supposedly on top of everything at GD as she is approving pranks though things get out of hand when unauthorized pranks start happening. I love Zane's prank on her and how much Jo hates the pranks.

Andy is trying to explain to Fargo that he would like some alone time with SARAH and would like Fargo to leave but Fargo let's Andy in on a secret. He isn't leaving because he has a short amount of time with Holly who's "files" are degrading. Andy understands and is horrified and saddened for Fargo.

Best prank goes to Zane for Larry and his Beaker talk. Love it.

Jack has surprised Allison in her underwater lab for a romantic dinner just the two of them as they take a tour around Lake Archimedies but learns that Allison hasn't even told her family about their upcoming nupituals. Something goes terribly wrong and their undersea adventure turns into a fight for their lives as they are perched on the edge of a ravine in the lake. Jack starts suggesting all kinds of things to save them but Allison is annoyed and snaps at him about the essentially stupid ideas he's coming up with until one is remotely close to possible.

Jack starts to feel like Allison thinks he's stupid which has been his fear. But here is the thing... Allison is on Bitch pills because several times she says things that imply Jack isn't a smart guy which he's usually the one getting them out of situations.

Jack and Allison are really in a pickle because no one can get to them and the little sub is filling with water. While the teams scrambles going so far as to seek out Dr. Fowler and his teleportation device, Jack and Allison are clinging to one another as the waters rises. They face their fears and in a last attempt to be together they have Henry marry them over the comms. But at the last second Fowler's device actually works and Jack and Allison are saved.

And Fargo fires Fowler.

Smarter Carter
Okay this is a really good episode because Kevin spikes Jack's drink to make Jack smarter and hopefully get his Uncle to like Jack because his Uncle is something of a snob. Jack starts reading Allison and her brother Marcus's books and understanding them... going so far as to try to prove Marcus's theory and improve upon it. But Allison is worried because this isn't at all like Jack.

And Jack decides he can improve Andy by making him faster only now Andy is going all over town sucking power because he now consumes more. This means he goes after SARAH's power supply which is a violation of his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Henry and Zane are working on getting Holly into a bio xerox body against Fargo's wishes because he fears they could mess it up and lose Holly completely. Such a good and interesting episode because we get to see Jack really like being smart and not want to go back even if it kills him.

The Honeymooners
Jack and Allison are on their way to their honeymoon all planned out by Jack. And when they get there they are 10 minutes outside of town and it is an old cabin that is literally falling apart. There is no water that is worth getting into, the roof is leaking and there are likely bugs crawling all over. But Jack's idea is that they work on the cabin together on their honeymoon. To me this is baffling and not a honeymoon at all but I get what he was trying to do.

Meanwhile; Henry, Fargo, Zane and Grace are all working on a body for Holly. They transfer her into a body and she appears to be dead. But Fargo kisses her and suddenly Holly is awake and she appears to be doing well. Holly is super excited to be physically around and she's rambling and super excited. But why wouldn't she be considering now she's alive and running around in the real world. But Holly starts to get paranoid and is having trouble telling what is real and what is from the Matrix. I like that they are able to reboot Holly so she's not totally losing it.

Andy and Jo come to the cabin when Allison and Jack find some old police files. Jo and Andy leave with the files and look into it to discover that there is a spy amongst them. They soon discover Grace trying to destroy the evidence and she is arrested.

I love that Jack and Allison didn't even consider leaving the cabin until the food got eaten by ants and then they realized they had 40 messages and that there is a spy in town. Talk about a shock. And later we discover not only was Grace a spy but Henry got her into spying to begin with but this isn't the same Henry?! Oh the drama!

Mirror, Mirror
What is this they are starting? There are only two more episodes? Holly is now officially not dead and Allison, Jack and Jo are at a remote test to release smart dust particles that can help with climate control. Seeing as Zane is in charge of Section 5 he's taken Holly on and is giving her a look around so she can get an idea of the work she wants to do only there is some flashing lights and now Holly isn't Holly. And she then hijacks Andy!

Henry wants to surrender himself because of the information Grace gave him but Jack and Jo aren't having it because he's not even the same Henry.

The smart dust is out of control because someone stole the control unit and Jack and Andy are in search of who could have taken it with Andy leading the charge though clearly not.

Holly is replicating more bodies and Allison is concerned about it and goes to Henry who seems concerned but later tells Allison he handled it.

Zane is working on getting the evidence of Grace's crimes destroyed though not telling Jo what he's doing so she's not culpable in the crimes. I love Zane and Jo!!!! Zane then discovers that hand thing in the computer system. And here we thought originally that was Holly but apparently not! Jo has seen it before and she tells Zane but is called away by Jack or so it seems. When she gets to the woods where Jack is supposedly stranded there are mirrors everywhere and she hears Jack but it turns out to be Bad Andy and Jo is captured by herself!

And Jack stumbles upon where the Bad Copies are coming from only to be copied himself... HOLY MOLY!

Double Take
Allison starts to suspect something is wrong because Jack and Andy are acting weird. She tries to tell Fargo but he thinks it is the smart dust. When Allison tells him about the bio printer Holly has been using he's shocked because he didn't authorize the work. Fargo and Allison soon figure out people are being replaced. Zane is with them and the three go to Shaw to tell him what is happening on Fake Jo intervenes. Zane then goes to Parrish for assistance and discovers his clone is already there but together they stop the replicant and work and a way to turn off the fakes.

Fake Henry and Fake Jo break Grace out of prison and then replicate her. Allison rushes home to get her kids to safety only to find Fake Jack already there. SARAH scans Jack and tells Allison it is Jack but once Jack is no longer holding Jenna, SARAH shoots him with a laser because her scans also stated Jack was only a day old.

Holly lures Fargo away but Fargo knows what is happening and get the drop on her. The rest of the town goes to Vincent for help and he sends them into his freezer to hid only he's a replicant too!

Allison and Fargo go to where the towns people are being held and replicated and try to find Zane who was captured and has the device that will turn off the replicants. Allison finds Jack and tries to revive him but ends up being captured only to have the real Jack come to her rescue. Fargo has been captured and Allison and Jack run to the cabin to use the satellite dish to amplify the signal of the emp device.

What I loved most is how action packed this episode was for being so close to the end and that Jack gets to beat himself up though if not for Allison finishing the hook up of the device then Jack would have been killed by himself.

Saddest thing is that Shaw tells everyone that the DOD has cut funding to Eureka and it will be packed up and haulled off.

Just Another Day...
Everyone is reeling as the town is being packed up and they are all having to move on. Henry is upset because he doesn't know what is happening with Grace or how to help her which is when Zane steps in and gives Henry an idea to go to Beverly. Henry does and pleads with her to do something.

Grant from Mythbusters shows up and nearly trips people with his robot. Zane and Jo are talking about their job offers which would take them away from each other.

Jack brings Zoe home to visit but they literally drive right into GD where Fargo is sitting in protest of the shutdown.

And this is when everyone starts to realize there are wormholes opening up all over town and they are creating chaos. Parrish is the first human to go through as is and has a nasty burn... but Allison discovers it is actually a slice of his skin has been shorn off. Which they realize means wormholes are intersecting and it is getting worse by the minute when Andy goes through and is cut to pieces.

The team soon realizes it is the data transfer system which is causing the wormholes and only because a part to prevent this has been packed up and sent away.

Holly has been offered a super secret project and she can pick her team suggesting she's going to pick Fargo.

Grace is released! The Fed got an anonymous tip which led them to Senator Wyn and evidence in exchange for Grace's release.

Andy is taking Zane to the police station where Jo is waiting in the cell. She comes out and gives him a box (just like he gave her a long time ago) and proposes. They both say I love you (about freaking time!) and he says yes.

At Cafe Diem Vincent is apologizing to everyone and passing out Champagne but when he gets to Jack, Allison and the rest he only has a bottle of 1947 Cheval which is from Trevor Grant who is going by Trevor Rockwell. He has news. He sunk all his money into Eureka and no one has to leave. AND Henry is going to run GD!

Allison takes Jack out for a talk and Jack tells her that no matter how much he complains about Eureka there is no place he'd rather be to which Allison tells him there is no place she's rather raise their BABY! Holy cow! Jack is obviously overwhelmed by super excited and you just want to cry because this show is amazing.

And the best thing ever is the very end of the episode while Jack is driving Zoe back to Havard. They are driving in the rain just like the first episode when they were driving into town and it all connects because in the first episode Zoe sees something Jack doesn't but this time we all see that Zoe now is seeing when they first drove into town. Jack sees this too and tells Zoe he'll look into it tomorrow.

That ending gave me the chills and OMG I love this show! I'm sad it is over but I'm so happy they got to wrap up the show in an amazing way!
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