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Eureka: Episode Thoughts 501-507

Talk about devastated. I was sick while watching this episode thinking Jack and Allison, Zane and Jo, and Henry and Grace lost 4 years together. And now Andy and Sarah have taken over the town and people can't really do anything without getting in trouble (so I fear that for our future too). Anyways, I kept thinking they could at least fix the Andy/Sarah problem and then Jo and Carter are kissing? Okay this can't be real. Phew it wasn't real. Scared me.

The Real Thing
But Jack, Henry, Kevin and Fargo all come together to try and figure out where everyone is, oh and calling in Jo! Yay. I like her. I loved Andy and Jack committing crimes together and Andy's inability to lie about it. And in the Matrix there is a dragon on the loose which Holly tells everyone is not possible because dragons just aren't real. But the thing wounds her so something is up. Jo is employeed in the Matrix to capture the dragon with a weapon Zane built which ends up providing the new tech to Beverly and her people. Back in the real worl, the guys find where the crew is but someone alerted Beverly and her evil minions and now they are gone but... Holly has died because she figured out the were in the Matrix! I can't believe they killed her! And the Senator pulled the plug on her. Bitch!

Force Quit
And Beverly redeems herself by coming to Jack and Henry for help as the Senator is killing off the smart people Beverly just wanted tech from. So Jack is sent into the Matrix to take over the fake Jack's life and help the crew get out of the Matrix. Here is the thing. He has to see Jo naked (hardship says Zane) and he's acting really goofy which just gives it away. They have to save Grace from scary Henry and when Zane is running from Jack in the Matrix, I was genuinely worried for him. I loved how Jack proved himself with his lack of knowledge.

I felt so bad for Fargo in this episode but I liked that they waited to tell him about Holly until they were out of the Matrix and the real Jo could tell him what happened.

And on a happy note, Senator Wen got her just desserts by being stuck in a Matrix of one room by herself. May she rot.

Friendly Fire
Fargo is grieving a lot and it is so sad to watch. And even the pit of bunnies doesn't cheer him up so he goes on the grief patch. Man if only something like that were real though Fargo is acting strange but I guess speeding the process of grief along might just do that.

That flying fireball thing is crazy scary but what I liked was that Parrish actually might have had everything under control if Zane and Jack hadn't "come to the rescue". Sometimes I think they make things worse. And totally scary that it ended up that the Z Waves the Astraeus crew is putting off is what is attracting the fireball. And SARAH goes up in flames with Kevin and Jenna inside. Jack and Allison to the rescue... and JO!

But the best part of this episode is Parrish trying to be there for Fargo in his grief and them playing D&D (I think) because Fargo used to play with Holly. Totally sweet.

Jack of All Trades
I'm really getting tired of the jealousy of both Zane and Allison over the whole Matrix love affair between Fake Jack and Fake Jo. Come one. I don't care that it was based on something or other especially since it was based on Allison and Zane and not even Jo and Jack. So your argument just means this whole thing was a fear you all had to begin with and now you are all panicky about it.

Dr. Warren Hughes is back to evaluate the crew of the Astraeus and Dr. Fowler is the first up with his teleportation device that doesn't work. And Fowler is redacted. Can't say I'm surprised there. That man's device never seems to work.

And then the body switching begins. I loved that each actor had to play the others character. It was fun to watch and I loved how Allison thinks it is a terrible joke until Body Fargo tells her about making out with her and she's horrified Jack could end up stuck inside of Fargo. But then Jack is back only to end up in Zane's body at the exact wrong moment where he freaks out and is running out on Jo who got into the shower with him! And then when they figure out what is going on and how to stop it Allison goes into surgery to fix Jack only to switch places with him! Yikes.

Oh you had to know they'd play on Zane and Allison's fear here but the shocker was Jo going to Jack who is actually Allison and telling who she thinks is Jack that she did consider them as something once which is natural since they are both attractive and best friends. She asks Jack if he had ever thought about them and Allison tells her no while she's in Jack's body. Jo is clearly upset at how Jack let her down and things end up strained between them.

Zane realizes his activating the Matrix systems had the computer looking for a wifi link to the people who were once part of the system. Henry wants to shut down the system but Zane is afraid that will delete Holly who appears to still be within the Matrix.

Despite Warren's earlier decision to redact the lot of them, he changes his mind as the all works so well together and hard to save the town and everyone's lives. Except Dr. Fowler.

Worst Case Scenario
So GD is runnng some drills for security purposes but the computer system running it is smart and starts makes things more and more real which means that GD has a massive problem as the system ADEA has planned for all kinds of things to go wrong and for herself to be destroyed so they can't stop anything. Of course, just like any disaster in Eureka, Jack and the GD crew all come together and manage to save the town from annilation.

Jo is giving Carter the cold shoulder until Jack goes to her to have it out. He's completely clueless about "their" talk and Jo realizes what happened and goes to confront Allison who apologizes. But in the end, Jo toasts Allison and Jack and their love.

Ex Machina
Everyone is sad as they prepare for Holly's memorial. The DOD is there installing a new security system that will literally let them get away with nothing. A Sodium Beach – a mesospheric laser that creates an artificial star for stellar cartography; a.k.a. a giant laser pointer - is dedicated to Holly. Holly later tells Fargo that her memorial item is a giant laser pointer.

The DOD is going to take the Matrix systems and Fargo is frantic to get Holly out. Zane downloads her "files" but seems to have lost her. As Shawn goes over the new security system with Jo it looks as if a hand is reaching out to them from the screen.

Meanwhile, Henry is experimenting with the Z waves using Jack and Jack starts to believe he's controlling items with his mind.

When Holly's laser goes crazy and starts shooting up the lab. Henry thinks it didn't seem random and the laser acts like it is nodding. When they go to the balcony to look down on the destruction the laser marks clearly spell out Help Me in Holly's handwriting.

The team has to race against a system purge to save Holly and end up accomplishing it and add her into SARAH's systems so that Jack and Allison have another house guest in the form of Holly who is accompanied by Fargo.
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