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My Movie Weekend: MI5 & Ant-Man

I know it is almost another weekend but I just got the chance to actually post. I had some coupons to see movies so I saw two this last weekend. Here goes:

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation
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Okay so none of these movies have been as good as the 4th Ghost Protocol. That one was my favorite but I'd say this one comes in 2nd place. It was definitely fast paced and action packed. It had an easy story to follow though towards the end things seemed to get a little out of hand but they reigned it back in pretty well. One thing I did love about the movie was the actress Rebecca Ferguson who plays Ilsa. She felt like a through back to Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca. She was great, beautiful and totally kickass. Rather glad I saw this movie on the big screen.

Marvel's Ant-Man
This is really middle of the road for me as far as the Marvel's Avenger world goes but it wasn't a bad movie but any means. I really enjoyed it and as I've loved Paul Rudd since Friends and miss his more clean humor; this was a great improvement. And yes, you have to wait through all the credits to see a sneak peak of Captain America 3. I'm excited. Apparently, Ant-Man will be in that movie. So of the best things about this movie were the small jokes. You see one in the trailer with the train. There are several of those and some hero vs thief humor which is great.

So that is what mostly took up my weekend but it was still a good one and a relaxing one. I hope everyone's week is going well.
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