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Eureka Thought Bubble 410-415

410 O Little Town....
Such a cue episode with Jack telling the kids a story of Christmas in Eureka and letting us in on the fact that Jo is the Secret Santa to everyone. I loved that Zane was crying over his tickets. Other thing I loved was Taggert trying to capture Santa. So funny. I love that Allison is super into Christmas. Eureka was virtuall a snow globe.

411 Liftoff
Oh my gosh this was an excellent episode. I loved the mild tension between Jack and Allison. But to see Zane kind of freak out and Fargo is the calm one who solves so many problems. Total role reversal. I love them barely skating ISS. And, of course, they use Andy as a power source when everything in town is fried and isn't it just like Jo to come to the rescue with horses. She's the boss. And I LOVED that Zane got Fargo to tell him what was going on with him and Jo. And maybe it is just me but it was rather odd that Sarah, the house, and Andy were or are a couple.

412 Reprise
Hey it is Charlie from Supernatural!!! Okay so it was great to have Holly join up. I think she's fun. But what I love the most that with her comes a problem for the town where everyone is acting out these songs. Oh my gosh... Zane "Burning Done the House". Oh man. Poor Jo! But the killer... "I shot the Sheriff"... and I love that Kevin is getting more of a role though he keeps stealing Jack's jeep and he solves the problem of a murderous Jo with "Why Can't We Be Friends." LOL I love it. And holy crap, Allison didn't help a motorist... she was implanted by Beverly. I hate her, Beverly!!

413 Glimpse
The whole idea of the PALS lenses is kind of crazy and it was clear Jack overlooked Allison as a threat. I knew the PAL system was what was going to explode but I loved that Zane and Jo had to work together more and his comment at the end about it being the last time he is there for her... after she keeps telling him it is the last time they hook up. So cute. I love these two so much. I think Holly and Fargo are adorabe too.

414 Up in the Air
Okay this is the funniest episode so far. I loved every moment of this episode. I love how ruthless Jo is on the recruits and to see her repeat her insults to both groups. I laughed so hard when Jack was super excited there was a bank robbery until he got there and the bank was literally gone. But when he went up and looked down at the ground from the bank and screamed... oh I died a little laughing. And then Jack flinging all over the place. It was like that classic comedian Jerry Lewis. Loved it.

Allison losing time was crazy though and scary when Beverly took over.

415 Omega Girls
I hate Beverly. Have I said that? So Allison takes temporary control of GD but it is actually Beverly and she spikes the vaccines so everyone is out like a light and Jo and Zoe have to save everyone. I loved how badass Zoe is in this episode and again good hair. I also liked that Zoe and Jo talk out the whole Zane thing and that Zoe wants Jo to find out how she feels about Zane even before she knows about the whole alternate time line thing. *sigh* Why didn't I watch this show when it was airing!!!
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