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Eureka Thought Bubble 416-421

416 Of Mits and Men
Okay Parrish, Fargo, Holly, Jo and Zane all being locked in that little room which similates being on the Titan Mission is just amazing. I loved how sure Parrish was that the whole thing is a test while everyone is trying to get out and then he's excited about all the cranes he made. Oh I laughed. I also love that Jo passed her exam and is validated. Jo has always seemed very smart to me. I loved Jack getting caught in the wall and really being choked just how he sees ties. LOL I liked that Allison shows everyone she's still got it.

417 Clash of the Titans
Oh man Tiny below up. I did not see that coming. I was floored but I loved going through and everyone trying to figure out what happened only to discover that the town is turning into Titan because that guy kept flushing his similations. I love that Wallace Shawn was on as the guy investigating Jack and Allison's relationship and that he married Henry and Grace. But he didn't approve Jack and Allison's relationship which sucks big time.

418 One Time at Space Camp...
Wallace Shawn is back and he's so funny. I loved the Spanish Inquisition line. Ah Princess Bride references. Awesome. He comes to review the review of Jack and Allison's relationship but it is clear he's not going to change his mind. He uses some kind of device to get some of their memories which we all knew Jack would be unable to keep the whole time travel thing a secret. Dr. Hughes is shocked when putting the device away and starts living out Jack's memories. CRAZY! But this is Eureka so why not. I love when Hughes tells Jack "nice uniform". So adorable. I also loved in the end he doesn't remember anything but he BELIEVES in Allison and Jack. LOL

I liked seeing the interviews for the different Astraeus candidates. I loved the continuation of Fargo's in Parrishes. And I get you aren't supposed to really liek Parrish but he's just an ass.
419 One Small Step...
Oh my goodness, Andy got sucked into the FTL and sent to TItan. And while he's robot-ness can withstand a lot it can not with stand the VERY sub zero temperatures of Titan for long but the methane gases. Andy is dying! I didn't even think I cared that much until he was dying and his future looked bleak and then Sarah too! Oh my goodness what a tense episode. But much like any episode of Eureka... things end happily.

I liked that Zane was so mad at Jo for dropping out of the Astaeus mission. It really showed how much he wanted her to go with him. And now he's going and she's not and he wants her to wait for him. YES! I love these two together and I don't know why Jo is so unsure???? What the heck. She was going to marry him and now she just doesn't know. She knows a lot about this guy. She's always telling everyone else what Zane will or won't do. Why is she dragging her feet!!!

Awwww Allison and Jack are moving into together! Boy is Jack's house getting crowded. How many rooms does Sarah have?

420 One Giant Leap...
Carter and his camera is just hilarious. He didn't know his PDA has a camera and he's all taking pictures of the black hole. Oh man this made me laugh. And again Jack lost his Jeep. That car doesn't even survive an episode. LOL I honestly love seeing Jo and Carter solve problems together. They are a good team... NOTHING MORE (yeah, I've seen 501). But I was stunned that Jo left town. She is trying to find herself, I guess. Made me really sad and it felt like the end of the show. I'm so glad it has at least one more season.
421 Do You See What I See
*giggle fit* Okay so it felt a little like they were jumping the shark here but it was funny and so like Eureka. But what a fun Christmas episode. *sigh* So funny. I loved that they went through different types of animation in this episode but I truly loved Jo's part where she was a princess that kicked butt and she used her dress as a parachute. Oh man, how do they come up with these things?
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