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Eureka Thought Bubble 401-409

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401: Founder's Day
Okay so I was loving this show but Season Four got so much better with the gang slipping back in time to 1947 and having to convince one of the founders of their town they were from the future and they needed to get back only to have Dr. Grant return with them... crazy.

Oh I wanted to scream in joy when Jack finally kissed Allison. About bloody time.

But what a kick to the guy that Zane and Jo aren't together!

402: A New World
It is crazy that Fargo is the Director of GD and Henry is married to Grace, who I love. Poor Andy. Always being destroyed.

403: All the Rage
I love that this episode was almost like everyone is a zombie and the rage is spreading. It was awesome but my favorite part is Jack sacrificing Fargo to the crazed.  LOL

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404: The Story of O2
Oh Allison! Messing with your sons rocket to ensue he wins??? Really? I loved drunk seeming Zane. Really I just love Zane. I actually am enjoying that the annoying guy is such a fan of Fargo and his assistant. What is that guys name. And the whole invisible cat thing! Oh my this show makes me want to laugh so much. I like Zoe's short hair too. Also Andy is now Lorne from Atlantis! YAY!
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405: Crossing Over
I squealed when Claudia showed up on Eureka. I remember Fargo being on Warehouse 13 but it was so great to see the reverse. And I didn't remember Claudia liking Fargo so much. Pity she couldn't be on more. This episode was so crazy with things just showing up from 1947 and Jo having a huge bullet inside of her! Oh man that was crazy. And an airplane in Cafe Diem. Totally crazy stuff. I laughed so hard when Fargo saved Claudia from the landmine and then put his head on one when she kissed him. Only Fargo. I loved that Allison gave Grant the implant to stop his smoking. What a great idea. But talk about the burrrr between Henry and Grace. Glas they work it out though.

406: Momstrosity
What a terrible camping trip what with ending up being chased down by Tiny. But Emo the little robot was totally adorable and I want one. Grant and Jack fighting over Allison was great but I loved that Kevin wasn't okay with Jack liking her until he realized Jack loves Allison. Of course, he does!!!

407: Stoned
Makes you not want to go to the spa at all! And wasn't it just a kick in the gut that Zoe likes Zane and seems to be dating him. Sucks!
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408: The Ex-Files
Oh my gosh. I laughed my butt off with this episode. I loved seeing Nathan and annoying Jack constantly... what could be better? Oh that would be Zane annoying Jo. I love it. Beverly is back??? Man I hated her. I don't want her around at all. And how annoying is it that Grant turned off the field protecting everyone from the EM radiation. I loved when Nathan points to Grant and asks Jack, "Who the hell is this?" I love it. And finally Jack tells her he's loved her since he met her. Holy crap Jo wasn't talking to her halucination that was Zane who you threw the ring at.

409: I'll Be Seeing You
OH damn you Grant for what you just did. Grant got Allison killed! What the hell just happened???? I do love that things are going nuts and of course not that Allison and Jack are finally together all the bad stuff happens. I loved watching Jack and Grant running around behind the scenes of Founder's Day. I loved how they did that. I even liked that someone told Grant to invest in Johnson and Johnson. Cute. But now Beverly has another idea!!!!

I'm so loving this season!
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