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iPod, sick and movies...

Okay so I have another question about iPod before I commit... hey I'm just doing all my homework! Anyways, I have a bunch of songs I got places other than iTunes, can these be put onto the iPod? I'd heard they couldn't but I don't think that person has a Pod so I'm thinking they could be wrong of there is something out there to change that...

Okay, one of you made me sick! Who was it? *pointing fingers* I know I'm kidding but I feel like crap! I woke up and thought that because it was so dark it meant I got to sleep for a while longer... rest need rest... but it was only dark because it is all gloomy and rainy. *sobs* I want sleep... chicken soup and sleep...

I also wonder if any of you movie lovers know of any good 18th Century Period Movies?  I can only think of...
Pride and Prejudice (sp?)
Sense and Sensibility

What others are there? Please help...

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