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This is not racist!

I have never been a big fan of the Condfederate flag but I know it has nothing to do with racism. This flag is about Southern Pride and always has been. This flag was never used to commit atrocities the world over.

People have pointed out that KKK members often have this flag. I believe these are probably Southerners but they also carry the American Flag. You can't say some object is racist just because a horrible person has it or likes it. A racist group could decided they love Burger King. That doesn't mean Burger King is racist. It is an object people and one that for over a hundred years has represented the States of the South that have Pride in being from the South.

Yes, originally they used this flag as a symbol of the country they wished to have as they split from the US but that didn't happen. And regardless of the reasonings behind the Civil War this flag has been more about being Southern and never had a thing to do with the color or ones skin.

Instead of telling the people of the South to stop waving this flag that some bastard liked (again so to people all over this country who are not horrible people) ask those who have Pride in their flag to display it in mourning (half mast) for those who lost their lives. This is a good way to tell the world it isn't okay to go around hurting people.

I'm getting sick and tired of the crazy ideas that this or that is racist or supporting something awful. I feel like there is just a group of people who are tossing these thoughts out there and trying to distract us from what real racism is! Racism is about hating people because of the color of their skin and it isn't about one race. It is about all races. If someone hates me because I'm white... it is racism. If someone hates my niece because she's Mexican... they are racist. If someone hates my friend because she's black.... they are a racist. Hating someone or thinking they are less than human because of their skin color is SICKENING and evil. We are all humans here and we should care about one another.

And I'm appauled at TV Land for dumping re-runs of The Dukes of Hazzard which is a fun loving show which never had a thing to do with race or prejudice the entire time it was on! Have a backbone TV Land and tell the masses of people who will believe anything the truth instead of the revisionist thoughts and history being spewed but those thinking they are standing against racism but instead are spreading hate for those people who just want to show pride for the area of the US they live in. I would rather you start banning shows that are supporting drug abuse and other horrible things. Come on.

Shortly after the attack, photos surfaced showing alleged shooter Dylann Roof burning one American flag and stepping on another, while waving and posing provocatively with Confederate banners.

So?! So you are telling me that if he's been waving the American Flag instead we'd be burning our flag? Or what if he was waving a state flag or maybe he'd be hold anything else in his hand. You do realize these crazy people shop at the same stores we do. They go to the same restaurants. They could like a million things we do and because some prick decides to committ a sickening and EVIL act we should look at a picture and point fingers at all those around us and scream racism???

This is intorlerance at its best. I'm with John Schnieder who said to spend our time loving each other rather than all this hating....
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