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April 17 2015 @ 02:48 pm
The Magic of Ordinary Days by Ann Howard Creel  
Title: The Magic of Ordinary Days
Author: Ann Howard Creel
Pages: 304
Rating: no titleno titleno titleno titleno title
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Book Description:
Olivia Dunne, a studious minister's daughter who dreams of being an archaeologist, never thought that the drama of World War II would affect her quiet life in Denver. An exhilarating flirtation reshapes her life, though, and she finds herself banished to a rural Colorado outpost, married to a man she hardly knows. Overwhelmed by loneliness, Olivia tentatively tries to establish a new life, finding much-needed friendship and solace in two Japanese American sisters who are living at a nearby internment camp. When Olivia unwittingly becomes an accomplice to a crime and is faced with betrayal, she finally confronts her own desires. Beautifully written and filled with memorable characters, Creel's novel is a powerful exploration of the nature of trust and love.

My Thoughts on the Book
I love this book just as much as I adored the Hallmark movie! I can't decided whether I love the book or the movie more. There are a couple things that are different in the book that I like but then there is also one glaring difference I didn't like.

My biggest love of this book is the relationship between Ray and Livvy. In the early 40s, Livvy ends up pregnant without a husband or the potential of one so her father ships her off to farm country to marry Ray. Livvy is a city girl and not used to country living. So it is a real shock to her system as is having a husband she meet just before the wedding.

Livvy came from a life of going to University and now finds herself bored with nothing to do on a farm. Livvy's interest in the past focuses in on Ray's family arriving on the land she now lives on.

I think Livvy's passion for history makes her want to learn more about Ray's family but in learning about his family she becomes closer to him and starts to see him as more than the man who had to settle for a woman who got herself into trouble. Livvy realizes Ray is a good man who loves those around him and wants to work hard for his family.

It is Ray's silent strength and good heart that really leads Livvy to forgive herself for her own mistakes.

It is a beautiful story of friendship, forgiveness and love.

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tracyj23: Book - readingtracyj23 on April 19th, 2015 01:15 pm (UTC)
This sounds like a really intriguing story. I'm going to have to read it.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on April 22nd, 2015 08:59 pm (UTC)
Gosh I loved this book and the movie. Fantastic. I feel you may like the book more.