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Andromeda: Just a World Away, TA/OFC, [PG], 2/7

Title: Just A World Away
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 2 of 7
Rating: PG
Characters: Dylan, Tyr, Beka, Harper, Trance, OFC (Sirees), Other OCs
Archiving: Command Deck
Warnings: Action, Drama
SPOILERS: None that I know of.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Andromeda characters so don't sue me. The character, Sirees Anwar and all other original characters are mine and I hope you like them.
The Andromeda crew comes across a strange beacon and someone from Tyr's past. Dylan and crew struggle to help a world with a leader who is hiding more than she uncovers.
AN: I wrote this story before taking the penname SireesAnwar. I just really liked the character and I hope you do too.

Chapter 2: Unexpected Warrior

Now: Ladonia: Desert

Sirees stood at the top of the east desert wall rock face. She really loved it out here in the desert. It was hot and rugged. She had to survive on her own… without the comforts of her latest home. She looked out over the horizon. “Gorgeous.”

“Medi Anwar?” Talor’s voice broke through the serenity of her solitude.

Sirees tapped her bracer. “What?” She grumbled into the comm.

“We have been searching for you. Where are you?” Talor’s voice was a bit panicked and she knew why. Part of her position was keeping safe. Talor was in charge of that and he couldn’t do his job if he didn’t know where she was. She felt bad about it but not bad enough to play it safe or stick close to him.

“I’m currently standing on the edge of a large drop. Why?” Sirees smiled to herself. She knew he’d be upset but what could he really do. He would simply have to deal with her wishes. One of the few pluses of the job she’d been handed.

“We’re on our way up.” Sure enough the cruiser rose from the edge hanging in the air to her left.

Talor’s grim, scarred face stared at her from the other side of the glass. Next to him was a soldier she didn’t know but that was often the case in the Seventh City. “Nice to see you boys.” She smiled to them.

The side of Talor’s mouth twitched slightly as though he wanted to smiled but thought better than to encourage his Medi. “We’ll land and you…”

Sirees was listening until something in her line of sight caught her attention. “Wait.” She walked further onto the out-cropping. If she was right… if she were seeing this correctly then there was a ship landing on the planet. Why in the middle of the desert? Of course, that was her parking spot of choice a while back. “Damn, Dragans.” She looked to Talor who now seemed to be scanning the area.

“Medi, I have four life sign readings.” Talor looked up at her.

“Seems we have and unfair advantage.” She smiled and turned away from the ledge, scooping up a helmet she’d brought before she headed towards the cruiser. “Pull that thing closer.” She commanded.

Talor looked at her skeptically but did as he was told. He was more than a little shocked when she grabbed onto some of the service handles. “Get me down there, Talor.” She ordered. He would have protested but he knew there was no point. Talor nodded to his piloting soldier and the cruiser moved out towards the landing party.

Sirees clung to the service rungs as they raced towards the Dragans. She felt more alive than she had in a while. Of course, she wasn’t relishing the idea of fighting. Despite her natural flair for it she didn’t enjoy it as much as most. The craft stopped. She looked out over the desert. She could see the landing party. Why? No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get away from fighting. It was constant in her life. Her thoughts drifted to another bad memory, a memory of people being massacred because they believed her when she told them they would win. She shook her head. She would prevent another out-come like that at all cost.

“The landing party is approximately 25 meters away,” The private informed her. “They’re armed.”

“Go.” Talor and the private ran towards the party who had spread out considerably. She hung back for a moment as Talor and the soldier became obstructed by the cruiser. She focused her attention on a tall fair-haired Dragan and went after him. She swung at him and he at her, his force lance extended and her force lances slightly extended into two equally formidable wands. No bone blades? Their weapons smacked into one another, and while she managed to land a few blows she miscalculated and her opponents force lance hit her helmet sending it flying. It might have hurt if she’d fastened it. She kicked forward sending him up against some rocks and ended with one of her force lances compacted and pointed at him. She wasn’t about to let this man kill innocent people.


Tyr knocked the scarred man off his feet and turned to find Dylan and saw the helmet fly from his attackers head and then an all too familiar move that landed Dylan between a rock and a force lance. “Sirees! No!”

Sirees turned her head towards his voice. Tyr stood no more than four meters from her with shock on his face. Her opponent took the opportunity to knock her off her feet, sending her force lances sprawling and put his second force lance to her.

He had tricked her again. She wouldn’t die here. She would kill him.

“Dylan, no!” Tyr ran to him. “Don’t harm her.” He looked down at her. “Stop this.” He said to her.

She didn’t know what to do; she didn’t know if she should trust him. She couldn’t let her people die. She watched Tyr put his hand on her attackers shoulder. Her attacker withdrew his force lance and she decided do as asked. “Commodore, stand down!” She jumped to her feet and searched out Talor. “Commodore Talor, stand down!” She watched both of her soldiers step back from a blonde woman. She turned back to Tyr. “What the hell are you doing here?”

Dylan stepped up. “We are here in answer to the orbital beacon’s signal. I’m Captain Dylan Hunt of the Commonwealth ship Andromeda Ascendant. Seems like you know Tyr. That’s Beka Valentine and Trance Gemini.” Dylan pointed to the two females.

She hadn’t been talking to this man but he was the Captain and Tyr was part of his crew. The man was human and that shocked her. Tyr was under the command of a human. Strange. Her thoughts focused on his words, “Commonwealth.” Damn, fighting the good guys. She had screwed up. There had to be a reason they didn’t know.

She swooped down and picked up her force lances. She pushed a button on the still extended one and it shrank down to its compact form. She holstered both lances, and then turned her back to Tyr and his Captain. “Talor!”

The commodore came running from a nearby. “Medi?”

“Scan those damn beacons and tell me exactly why we had no idea there was a Commonwealth ship in orbit. Have Juni help you.” She instructed.

“Yes, Medi.” Talor answered on the other end of the comm.

“Since, when are you the leader of anything?” Tyr crossed his arms and eyed her.

She scowled at him. “Since when are you a good guy,” she eyed her attacker, “or take orders from a human, for that matter?” She turned towards the other man. “I am Sirees Anwar, Medi of Ladonia. I apologize for the welcome I gave but we’ve had a constant problem with Drago-Karzov. I wouldn’t have guessed your ship was Commonwealth.”

“Hey!” Beka protested the digs at her ship. “The Maru is a fine ship. Nothing like a Dragan’s vessel.”

Dylan shifted on his feet and looked at her. “My ship is still in orbit. Captain Valentine’s ship is the Eureka Maru. We tried hailing you there was no response so we thought we’d come down as see what the problem was.”

Sirees looked less than happy as she nodded to Captain Hunt. “We’ll figure out what the problem is. In the meantime, you and your crew are welcome to visit our city and stay with us. Also, we want to discuss becoming part of the Commonwealth.” She smiled at him.

“My crew and I would be happy to join you.” Dylan smiled at her. She was dirty from fighting in the desert but he could clearly see the violet eyes looking into his. He had seen them staring at him when there was a force lance pointed at him and they were the coldest eyes in the universe. Now they were positively mesmerizing. “And I’d be happy to talk about your world becoming part of the Commonwealth.”

Ladonia: A While Back

She stood in the dirt staring up at the Nietzschean she had fought with for months. She had accepted the Ladonians offer of being their Medi. She didn’t like being the center of so much attention, but she resigned herself to being just that. “I can’t believe you think there is something more important than hang out around here and being a war hero.” She smiled up at him.

Tal looked down at her. “Rees, things change. I have responsibilities I must return to, and you have your work cut out for you.” He brushed some of her wind blown hair out of her face.

She stared up into his face. Something about him made her dread the future, as if a dark cloud hung over whatever was to come. “If you ever need anything…”

He put his hands on her face. “You have already taught me so much. I never thought anyone was capable of saving a planet until you dropped into my life, quite literally.” He smiled and then kissed her forehead.

“Tal, if you are in the area, please do not hesitate to come by. You are always welcome here.” Tal was already a celebrity among the locals and it would only grow with his absence.

He picked her up into a hug. She seemed so small and fragile in his arms, but he knew if she were his enemy he would have been dead. “I will return. I promise.” He started towards his ship but turned back. “Same goes for you. If you need anything…”

She nodded and then watched as he headed to his ship and took off for parts unknown. “I know.” she whispered.

“Medi, are you all right?” Randir asked her. She turned to see the tall dark haired Ladonian who had backed her up at the senate council when she was inducted into the position of Medi. His aquamarine eyes shimmered at her. After she’d hired him they quickly became friends and he counseled her in the ways of the Ladonian people. He had become invaluable to her.

“I’m fine.” She walked past him waving her hand.

“Even I know that isn’t true.” Randir said as he followed her back to the citadel.

Now: Ladonia: Citadel

Sirees walked into the citadel with the Commonwealth group following her. She’d been quite annoyed with Tyr’s presence during the walk over from the hanger bay. He just stared at her intently which had always been something she didn’t deal with well.

A servant brought a towel and change of cloths to Sirees and she only grabbed the towel. She took her jacket off draping it over the clean cloths as she used the towel to wipe the excess dirt from her. “Excuse my appearance. I was climbing when I saw you’re ship land.”

“There’s nothing to excuse. You look fine.” Dylan smiled awkwardly.

Sirees smiled at him as she turned to the sound toward the sound of Talor clearing his throat.

“Talor. Casselle,” Sirees turned to see Talor and Casselle enter the room. “Everyone, this is Commodore Talor, head of planetary security and Scion Casselle, lead in our Successor Training Program, this is Captain Dylan Hunt, Beka Valentine, Trance Gemini and Tyr of the Commonwealth vessel Andromeda.”

Tyr grumbled slightly. “We’ve met.”

Talor bowed low, but didn’t seem too happy with their presence. He was the picture of a typical warrior, broad and muscular, and reminded Dylan of a mountain, a rocky one. The Ladonian adorned a scar across his face giving him a sinister look. Dylan almost winced but stopped himself knowing it wouldn’t be good diplomacy to shudder at the appearance of another.

Casselle bowed low, as Talor did before her but smiled up at her guests. “I assume Medi Anwar invited you to stay with us for a while?” She had light brown hair similar to Medi Anwar’s but her eyes were orange, a color that seemed striking combined with the ornamental spots of the woman’s race.

“I did, but the Captain and his crew will only be visiting. They will be staying aboard their Commonwealth ship.” Sirees smiled. She really liked the way Ladonians greeted people. “Please tell all of us what is wrong with the beacons, Commodore?” Sirees questioned.

Talor didn’t like the idea of talking about such matter infront of their guests but he complied. “The beacon system is down, and it will be sometime before the problem is identified and corrected.”

“See that it is corrected.” Sirees ordered. She seemed less than happy with the problem. Talor turned to leave.

“Actually, Commodore, my ships engineer maybe of some assistance.” Dylan stepped forward.

Talor turned back but glanced at Sirees who gave no indication whether he should accept or not and so opted for the most diplomatic actions. “It would be appreciated.”

“Good. I’ll have Mr. Harper come down as soon as possible.” Dylan was extremely curious to know if Harper could tell them what happened to the beacons and if the people they’d met so far were hiding something.

Talor nodded and turned to Sirees. “Medi, I must get back to the control room.”

“Very well.” Sirees gestured for him to go and he turned quickly and left the room.

“I and my engineer would like to know how the beacons came to be. They are a fascinating piece of technology.” Dylan looked to Sirees who only smiled coyly.

“Randir…” Casselle began.

“The maker of the beacons.” Sirees informed. She rolled her index finger in the air, gesturing for Casselle to continue.

“Randir equipped the orbital beacons with all of their programming. It became a necessity during the Dragan wars. His intension was to give us the ability to control who came onto our world and be able to defend the planet from an orbital attack. He has since left our planet to explore the known universe and so is not available to help us with the current problems. We truly thank you for the assistance of your engineer.” Casselle bowed again graciously.

“A noble effort, even if a bit lacking.” Tyr stated.

Sirees waited to make sure Casselle had finished before shifting her gaze to Tyr and then to Dylan. “Captain, since you are here why not a tour of the citadel?”

“We’d be honored.” Dylan smiled.

Tyr wanted to be sick but wondered just how much the carpet; they were standing on, cost.

Ladonia: A While Back

Randir paced back and forth in his regal looking robes. She’d always thought the robes were quit overdone but they were important to those who took part in the planets religion. “The Drago-Karzov have become a recurrent problem.”

Sirees rose from her desk where she was going over all the things the Senate wanted approved. Some of the things were highly important and others, such as, monuments to her were unimportant and denied. “And yet the Senate prevents me from going to the Commonwealth. There out there right now and they’d help.”

“They believe we will anger our ancestors.” Randir shook his head in disbelief. Their ancestors would be exceedingly proud of their advancements.

Sirees was baffled at the thinking of the Senate members. “Then the Dragans will overrun us.”

Talor walked into the citadel. “Medi Anwar.”

“Commodore Talor?” She nodded to him. He always waited for her acknowledgement but she’d rather he just say what he needed to, and still she respected his choice.

“Medi, the Dragans bombed a mining operation on the edge of the desert.” The scar that cut across Talor’s left cheek seemed to glow with anger. “My men are evacuating the injured.”

Sirees knew there had to be casualties. “Did we lose anyone?”

“Fortunately, there were only a few injuries but we lost months worth of product.” Talor stated.

Sirees’s anger was palpable. “We have to put a stop to this Randir!”

Randir looked to her solemnly. “You’ve stopped them before.”

“I am not an army of one. We need more help than I can offer.” Sirees looked to Talor. “Those beacons we discussed, Randir, I want them up and I want to get a message into them.”

“Yes, Medi.” Randir bowed, turned on his heels and headed out.

Now: Ladonia: Citadel: Beacon Control

Juni was rather tall with dark brown hair and green eyes. He’d been Randir’s assistant before Randir left and then he’d become an assistant to Medi Anwar. He tried to be all business, but Medi would never allow it. She was a free spirit and had insisted he try to be slightly less serious. He enjoyed working with her but hated when she was upset and from what Talor said, she was. He couldn’t understand why the beacons weren’t working but he would find out.

Juni checked and rechecked systems and on the constant search for information that would let him in on what was going on. That was when he noticed the strange indication light on the beacon’s control panel. He looked over the panel quickly unsure what it meant. He had been observing and studying the beacons for years and this light was foreign to him.

Juni accessed the controls quickly and started searching logs, entry windows, anything and everything that could tell him what the source of the indication light was. And then he found it. It was a connection. An outside connection directly into the beacon controls. “Not possible.” Juni’s hands flew over the controls. He would find the intruder and deal with them immediately.

The screen popped up in front of Juni and immediately he found the answer he had been searching for. He couldn’t believe the betrayal. He was gathering his proof against the perpetrator when his world went black.

Ladonia: Citadel

“Casselle is a student of the succession training.” Sirees walked along side of him. “The senate and I approved a handful of young Ladonian’s that could replace me if necessary; many of the young Ladonian’s moving around the east wing of the citadel are also in the program.”

Casselle was no longer with them. She had training to attend. Of course, he wasn’t sure why Medi Anwar felt the need to talk about her but found the program interesting nonetheless. “Interesting.” Dylan nodded taking in all the information the Ladonians and Medi Anwar were providing.

Sirees walked down a hallway at Dylan’s side and Beka, Tyr, and Trance tailing them. “I know you are thinking you can’t trust us, but I assure you Captain, you can. I have been trying to get a Commonwealth vessel here for quite sometime. The Ladonians wish to become part of the Commonwealth in hopes it will keep them at peace and safe.”

“Some of the Ladonian people.” Ursal commented as he walked up to the visitors to the citadel. He was as tall as Talor, but older in age. The color in his golden eyes was more colorful than Dylan had ever seen but their color compared to the others around him was faded. His hair was going white but hadn’t quite reached that stage. For the third time since meeting the Ladonian’s Dylan wondered about the gill like slits by their ears.

“Senator Ursal.” Medi said warningly and hoped he’d drop the subject, of course, she wasn’t going to be as lucky and she couldn’t just rip the man apart in front of her visitors… or in private. No she’d have to grin and bare it.

“Medi.” Ursal greeted but continued. “You are having talks with a Commonwealth representative and you haven’t discussed it with the Senate. As a person who is working for the Ladonian people, I have to state my protest.”

“Noted.” Medi Anwar curbed her anger and calmly kept going. “Ursal, I speak for the Ladonian people and the vote has been cast. They have expressed interest in the Commonwealth and I plan on giving them what they want.” Sirees smiled and turned to Dylan. “I apologize for the Senator.” Her hands flexed at her sides in anger at his unnecessary and intrusive presence.

“It is natural to be skeptical about new people.” Dylan wasn’t really sure trusting this woman was the best idea, of course, he had no reason to trust her only a desire to do so. Gut instinct was far superior to desire so he’d be polite and bid his time.

Tyr watched Sirees’s anger. In the time he’d known her she’d been hot headed but she’d always kept her anger in check. He suspected she had begun having more trouble with her anger after they went their separate ways. “You have ulterior motives.” Tyr approached from behind. He knew enough about Sirees to know she had been buttering Dylan up. “This is not just about bringing this world into the Commonwealth.”

Sirees turned from Dylan and Ursal to Tyr. She’d been uneasy enough but now she was down right annoyed, even if he’d guessed right. “I’m really sick of you’re comments, Tyr. If you have something to say, just spit it out.” Sirees stepped up to the Nietzschean, which Beka would normally view as suicidal, but then when she thought about it, the penetrating glare from Medi Anwar was just a frightening as the thought of an angry Nietzschean.

“Very well.” Tyr looked around to the others, but then met the staggering gaze of Sirees. “I believe you want something else. I’ve never known you to exude diplomacy.” Tyr glared down at her hoping not to show the need to step back from her. Her gaze was a bit unsettling even to him.

She smiled a bit, satisfied at the uncertainty in Tyr’s features. “Maybe.” She turned to Dylan. “Captain…”

“Call me Dylan.” He was willing to play along as necessary. He already knew there was more to Medi Anwar then she showed the people around her but he’d let it slip out one piece at a time.

“Dylan, I do have something I wish to discuss with you, alone.” Sirees informed him. She wanted off this planet and she was sure this was her best bet. She’d reluctantly given up her ships slipstream only to regret it when their improved ship blew up.

“Here it comes.” Beka shifted her weight onto her right foot and crossed her arms. “The other shoe drops.”

“Beka?” Dylan looked at her harshly.

“Medi, if it is about the Ladonia’s future then I think it is best to share it with the rest of us.” Ursal seemed a bit upset and the secretive nature of his Medi.

Sirees’s violet eyes seemed to flash as she turned an imposing glare to Ursal. “And I think it isn’t any of their business and when it is the business of the public they will know.” She stated firmly, turning back to Dylan, and hoping he would agree.

Talor ran from down the corridor to meet up with Sirees. “Medi!” He didn’t bother to show any respect which was fine with her. At this point, the bowing would just push her over the edge and she couldn’t be responsible…

“What’s wrong?” Sirees felt panic building inside of her as she realized Talor’s features gave away that he had bad news.

“Juni was attacked in Beacon Control.” Talor breathed heavily from his run through the citadel. “The doctor’s are trying to help him but they fear the damage is severe.”

“Medi Anwar,” Dylan interrupted urgently. “I’m sure your doctor’s are handling things wonderfully, but Andromeda has a highly advanced Medical Deck. We might be able to help.”

Sirees didn’t think twice. “Of course, if there’s anything you can do.”

Dylan turned to Trance. “Take him to Medical and see what you can do.”

“Of course.” Trance nodded and followed Talor to their infirmary.

Chapter 3: Untrustworthy Ally
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