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I hate Dish Network!

So our DVR failed. The hard drive on it died. Which is why the error message came up on the DVR. It wanted me to reset it so I unplugged the device twice and got the same error message. So I got online to chat with a Dish Network rep.

Right off the bat I told the rep that my DVR is telling me there is a HARD DRIVE FAILURE with a code of 311. She then proceeded to ask if I was using the right remote? Hit the SAT button on the remote to make sure it isn't on the TV settings. When none of that worked they asked me to unplug it and reset it! I told the rep I'd done it twice and got the Hard Drive Failure message both times. But she wanted me to do it again.

So I did it again. Can you guess what happened?

Then she asked me to take the remote and essentially press all the buttons. Believe me when I say, I wanted to scream. I already new what would happen. But I had to tell her what happened when I hit Guide, Rewind, Fast Forward, etc. By this time I'm screaming pretty much like the Hulk in my icon.

And then after 40 minutes of pulling out my hair they transfered me to an Advanced Tech Rep which is code for someone who knows what they are doing because they read the transcript and asked for my address to send the new DVR. Which I have to pay the shipping on... I find this wrong.

Really? This is why it takes forever to get into their Customer Service because they are sending up to people who are helping you figure out you remote instead of someone to help you with real problems.

The only reason I use Dish Network is they are cheaper than every other service but if you are considering a different service... go with them. DO NOT go with Dish Network. They will cheat you. My mom and I have the exact same service and we leave 5 miles apart. My bill is the same every month. My mom's never is and every time she calls she's told there is some fee that is why it is different. They are rarely helpful, always lying, and have the worst customer service I've ever encountered.

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