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March 20 2015 @ 11:41 am
The Hunger Games (#1) by Suzanne Collins  
Title: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Series: The Hunger Games Trilogy, 1
Pages: 387
Rating: star_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_fullstar_full
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Book Description:
Winning will make you famous.
Losing means certain death.

The nation of Panem, formed from a post-apocalyptic North America, is a country that consists of a wealthy Capitol region surrounded by 12 poorer districts. Early in its history, a rebellion led by a 13th district against the Capitol resulted in its destruction and the creation of an annual televised event known as the Hunger Games. In punishment, and as a reminder of the power and grace of the Capitol, each district must yield one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 through a lottery system to participate in the games. The 'tributes' are chosen during the annual Reaping and are forced to fight to the death, leaving only one survivor to claim victory.

When 16-year-old Katniss's young sister, Prim, is selected as District 12's female representative, Katniss volunteers to take her place. She and her male counterpart Peeta, are pitted against bigger, stronger representatives, some of whom have trained for this their whole lives. , she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before. For her, survival is second nature.

Thoughts on the Book:
Finally, I read the book! I'd been meaning too and got completely sidetracked from the task. But boy am I glad I did. While the book and movie are very similar there is more to the book that makes you feel like you are with Katniss every step of the way. And it is great to get more of an inside view of how she feels about Peeta and Gale.

I've read several dystopian novels but I find this to be one of the best out there. My only question is where are all the chapters? It seems like Collins doesn't like Chapters and instead just keeps writing giving us "parts". This actually wasn't a detriment to the book but boy does it make it hard to put the book down!

I think this book would have had more surprise to it had I not seen the movie. Still the insights Katniss has over what you feel she may be experiencing in the movie is pretty different and makes the whole experience a little more real.

Collins did a fantastic job and I'm eagerly making my way through Catching Fire.

The Series:
Jo Ann: THG: Katniss flame dress GIFyeuxdebleu on March 21st, 2015 12:17 am (UTC)
I loved the books and the movies, too. Looking forward to see Mockingjay now.
Jill aka Josireesanwar on March 23rd, 2015 09:53 pm (UTC)
Me too. What I love most about the series (both books and movies) is how true the movies are to the books. There are differences but some of them are so understandable. I'm really enjoying them... and I can't wait to see the last movie. I'm hoping after they will put out a box set which I would then get all the movies together.
Jo Ann: AG: Big smileyeuxdebleu on March 24th, 2015 03:12 am (UTC)
Yes, the movies are very good adaptations and quite true to the books. Like Outlander. :)
Jill aka Jo: Happy: Calvin Smilesireesanwar on March 24th, 2015 05:19 pm (UTC)
YES! Everything comes back to Outlander, doesn't it? LOL
tracyj23: Book - readingtracyj23 on March 24th, 2015 04:28 pm (UTC)
Interesting how different we all are. I'd give the series one star ... maybe. I read the first book and couldn't bring myself to even pick up the second. I found the characters and the story exceptionally boring. The movie adaptation was better because it didn't have all the long gory details about what Katniss was hunting and eating, but even still I really didn't enjoy it. I watched the second movie when it came out on Netflix but found it more or less the same as the first. It was like 3/4 of it was the same story almost exactly (with different costuming) and then there was just a little bit that was different at the end, but I already knew what would happen without having to read the book. Too predictable.

I personally find this series to be way below average for young adult readers, and definitely not anywhere near the best in the dystopian genre. But apparently a lot of people liked it so maybe my opinions are just unusual.
Jill aka Jo: Outlander: Nurse Clairesireesanwar on March 31st, 2015 06:09 pm (UTC)
Wow. And as you know I think the opposite.

I didn't think the author focused too much on what Katniss was hunting. I felt like she had a good blend on events and what Katniss was thinking.

See and for me the second movie was something of a let down but the book was great. First off, the book is less about the games and more about the build up to the Quell and the rebellion. We also see how the Victors deal with being called up again.

And I find the message that a government with too much power can do horrible things, pretty spot on.
tracyj23: Book - readingtracyj23 on April 1st, 2015 01:10 pm (UTC)
I totally agree about government or really any one in power that has too much authority over people. I guess I just really didn't like Katniss or the way this particular dystopian story was told. I've read many more compelling ones and this one just fell flat for me. But lots of people loved it so there must be good in it even if I can't see it. :)
Jill aka Josireesanwar on April 1st, 2015 05:03 pm (UTC)
Must be. LOL

Well, it is nice we are made differently. Give more authors the opportunity to impress us. *wink*
tracyj23: Readingtracyj23 on April 2nd, 2015 02:20 pm (UTC)
Too true. I mean how many books are there in a bookstore? Millions. Lots to choose from to suit every taste. :)
Jill aka Jo: Hug: Stock drawing on fingerssireesanwar on April 2nd, 2015 06:28 pm (UTC)
True story. :-D
tracyj23: *Hugs*tracyj23 on April 4th, 2015 04:10 pm (UTC)
I love that we can completely disagree about something and still get along. I wish we could do that better as a family, and as an extended family.

Jill aka Josireesanwar on April 8th, 2015 11:45 pm (UTC)
KSena: Book shelves by liighthouse@seastarcovekseenaa on April 14th, 2015 12:12 am (UTC)
From what I understand it is written in a first person point of view? And I unfortunately have a hard time reading that. :-P
Jill aka Josireesanwar on April 16th, 2015 12:16 am (UTC)
See I love that so I'm okay with it. Oh well more books to come...