Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
Jill aka Jo

So I need to know about MP3 Players...

Okay so here is the problem. I read all the information about the MP3 players and I know how good or bad they sound, but I thought I'd rather know about those you all have.

I don't know which is better hard drive or flash drive?

Now part of my problem is that I have one that originally I was okay with (but I want to upgrade). I started listening to the Harry Potter Books on MP3 and if I accidently hit the next button then it is impossible to get to the part I was at. My MP3 player doesn't fast forward very well. This means when I was listening to the 26 hours of Goblet of Fire and the damn thing skipped when I was at the 24 hour mark... I had to listen to it on the computer because I couldn't fast forward to where I was. I mean I could have but it would have taken me hours of holding down that little fast forward button. So I need something that rewinds and fast forwards without issues.

Also, I'm not that keen on the IPods but and willing to listen to praise or put downs about them... any help would be much appreciated.

Also something very important to me is that it has a rechargable battery. I don't want to be replacing AA batteries or AAA batteries. I don't mind if the rechargable battery will need to be replaced eventually (like in a year or two) but I have one that I just plug in to charge the batter and I love that (despite its evilness when FFing).

I would also love to know if your MP3 Player has any other special features such as radio, voice recorder, video capabilities etc. These things aren't as important to me but it would be nice to know for the buying process.


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