Jill aka Jo (sireesanwar) wrote,
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Answer for question 4162.

Pet peeves are those seemingly-minor things people do or say that really annoy you. What tops your list of pet peeves?
I have one more pet peeve that I have to share....

People who have to complain about everything. I'm not talking about when you've had a bad day or dealt with horrid people and just need to rant.

I'm talking about people who are washing a dish and complaining that the water is too hot or the soap is too sudsy.

I'm talking about someone who complains when they chop up chicken because it isn't cutting exactly how they want it to cut.

I'm talking about someone who complains the entire time they are cleaning because they hate to clean.

Seriously? There are some annoying things in life but you can't dwell on it. That is what makes life hell. I believe there is something positive in nearly every aspect of life. Sure there are times when you can't find it and need to vent but sometimes you just need to take things in stride and move on.

The way the chicken cuts or how much suds the dish soap make isn't worth thinking about for more than a split second and it isn't worth voicing.

What was that saying, "Don't worry. Be happy."
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