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December 21 2014 @ 12:00 pm
Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas (#1)  
Title: Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Series: Friday Harbor, 1
Pages: 221
Links: click image

Book Description:
One rain-slicked night, six-year-old Holly lost the only parent she knew, her beloved mother Victoria. And since that night, she has never again spoken a word.

The last thing Mark Nolan needs is a six-year-old girl in his life. But he soon realizes that he will do everything he can to make her life whole again. His sister’s will gives him the instructions: There’s no other choice but you. Just start by loving her. The rest will follow.

Maggie Collins doesn’t dare believe in love again, after losing her husband of one year. But she does believe in the magic of imagination. As the owner of a toy shop, she lives what she loves. And when she meets Holly Nolan, she sees a little girl in desperate need of a little magic.

Three lonely people. Three lives at the crossroads. Three people who are about to discover that Christmas is the time of year when anything is possible, and when wishes have a way of finding the path home…

My Thoughts on the Book:
This is a very short read but it is cute. I wouldn't say it is my favorite story or even that great of a story but it isn't bad either.

Very short story but so sweet! I've seen this Hallmark movie and wanted to read the book which was just as good.

Holly doesn't speak at first. She's endured a trauma with the death of her mother. It is so sweet how Maggie makes it safe for Holly to speak again and bring her out of her "shell".

Mark and Maggie's relationship is instant attraction they can't explain and takes them time to admit too.

One thing I loved about this story is there was no cheating and no quickie romance. Mark is dating another woman when he meets Maggie but doesn't do anything about his instance like of her. Instead, he tries to find the same feelings with his girlfriend only to realize he's forcing a relationship for his niece Holly's sake.

Maggie is 2 years out from the death of her husband and doesn't think she'll ever be able to love again. But a child and her uncle capture her heart like no one before.

It is a beautiful tale of an unconventional family. I had no idea it was a series... I'll have to look into it. Oh! I already have book 2!

tracyj23: Holiday - Christmas treetracyj23 on December 21st, 2014 09:33 pm (UTC)
I think I read this one last year. The characters and summary sound very familiar. I'd agree with your assessment - nothing really special but a quick, fun read. A feel-good story, like most romance stories are. :)
Jill aka Jo: SPN: Sam Safe from harmsireesanwar on December 22nd, 2014 10:37 pm (UTC)
See to me there are several romances I could read again and think about long after I've read them but this one just seems like it is forgetful though now that I think on it... I did love the Hallmark moving Christmas with Holly.

I had no idea there were more and I even have the second book and didn't know it was a sequel which continues this story as well. I love those kinds of stories so maybe I'll read it and see what that one is like.
tracyj23: Tree of heartstracyj23 on December 23rd, 2014 04:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I found this one pretty forgettable once I was done it. I read the synopsis you posted and thought it sounded vaguely familiar. I'd probably go read it again and not realize I was reading something for the second time. *lol*

I might have to look for the sequels. Could be interesting to see where the story went.
Jill aka Jo: GOT: Dany backsireesanwar on December 24th, 2014 07:36 pm (UTC)
I've started reading the second one and so far it it interesting. It is mindless reading which is what I need right now.
tracyj23tracyj23 on December 25th, 2014 02:15 pm (UTC)
Good to know that about it. :)