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25 Days of Christmas: Wrapping - Paper or Bags? Or make your own?

Wrapping presents for people is my least favorite thing about the gifting process so I'm wondering if you make it easy on yourself and just buy bags or you go for the wrapping paper? Maybe a combination of both?

I like to do both because sometimes a gift just doesn't fit into wrapping paper and you need that bag.

Some of the wrapping paper and the bows are so lovely. About 5 years ago, I decided to spend money and make the presents fancy, but they pretty much were destroyed within 2 minutes and no one seemed to appreciate it so I don't go over board any more.

But something I stumbled upon which might be fun and less expensive than some of the wrapping I still get is this...

You are essentially taking cheap colored bags and gluing a wreath and the word Joy on them. Fun and inexpensive. And you could do this for birthdays with the world happy or any occasion! I'm thinking now of making one that says baby for my best friends baby shower.

And if you are creative there is more...

You can create your own wrapping paper and bags with brown paper wrapping, a sharpie, a little paint and some ribbons. You know I had brown wrapping paper that I disliked because it was so plain and never thought of using it for such a creative wrapping experience!

Days Until Christmas: 5 - whoa!
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