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Arrow - The Climb

This show is just getting to me. I feel like it could be my favorite show (not counting Outlander of course). I know some out there don't appreciate it and I honestly thought I wouldn't but to me Oliver/The Arrow is just so different than so many Heroes.

He still has that annoying habit of thinking he can't be with the woman he loves because of who he is and the possibility of danger to her. This annoys me to no end but there are times I think he might be right, starting with the League of Assassins. The League has no compunction about killing a person, good, bad or in between. If the death of someone seems to fit their needs or even their whims it seems like a possibility. So should Felicity and Oliver be together it is highly possible they would try to kill her.

My problem with this is that anyone could kill Felicity and instead of spending what time they have together they are apart. A better solution would be to train Felicity to protect herself so she's not such a target.

Anyways, my thoughts were basically going to be about this episode..... so spoilers following the image....
[Super Spoilers!!!!!]I pretty much knew that Thea was the one who killed Sarah. Originally I wondered and then they told us the killer wasn't of average height and suddenly Merlin had taught Thea what he knew. Plus Sarah clearly knew her killer. My only hang up was I couldn't figure out why Thea would do it unless she thought Canary was after Merlin and was trying to protect him without knowing that it was Sarah. I kept going back to Merlin being the killer but that wouldn't make sense with the average height thing so it just had to be Thea.

Now we know why Thea did it, because Merlin drugged her so she was suggestible and would forget. Merlin just won father of the year *sarcasm here*. I think Arrow or possibly Felicity or someone else should leak that video to Thea and let her know what a scumbag Merlin really is. And that he would leak it and put Thea in danger. Yeah, he loves his daughter.

And stupid Oliver saying his goodbyes and telling Felicity he loved her. *sniffles* What the hell, Oliver? Stop toying with the girl.

And then Ray showing Felicity that he wants to suit up and be ATOM and have her help him out. I loved her line, "Why does this keep happening to me?" Priceless.

But the kicker was the ending of the episode. What the hell!? Though I'm wondering if by the angle of the blade if Ra's Al Ghul just went though that lung??? I have no idea but then Oliver fell off that steep mountain or whatever it is that he'd just climbed up. How can he survive the things he's surviving? I mean they want us to believe he's dead but then the show is over so I speculate he'll be back. But I get the feeling we have to see Felicity grieve. Damn it!

Okay so going back to the previous week where The Flash and The Arrow crossedover! Brilliant. I loved it so much and I liked the comparisons in Oliver's world verses Barry's. Oliver has a point about his extreme actions. He has more life and death situations which is brought home in The Climb when he's "killed" but also when Felicity tells him that he needs to kill Ra's to survive and not to hesitate.

Worst thing of all is we have to wait until January 21, 2015 to see what happens next. How painful, though admittedly not as painful as the 6 month wait the Outlander fans are having to endure and are only halfway through!

Yes, everything comes back to Outlander! LOL
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