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25 Days of Christmas: Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip

Would you be interested in the most amazing appetizer ever? Probably, right? I'll tell you right now, should you make this and share it with your guests you will become the most popular hostess ever! People love this and you will basically have people standing around it eating their fill, so put it somewhere out of the way.

Time: 15 minutes prep + 4 hours refrigeration
Yield: 15 servings

1 12 oz package fresh cranberries
1/4 C green onion, chopped
1/4 C cilantro, chopped
1 small jalapeno pepper
1 1/4 C sugar
1/4 t cumin
2 T lemon juice
dash salt
2 8 oz packages cream cheese

Mix It Up

  1. Put your cranberries in a food processor. I used my mini chopper (one batch of CranberryWoodChipDelight was enough for me. The blender and I aren’t speaking to each other at this point….) You could also, just chop them up.

  2. Chop up your green onion, cilantro, and jalapeno pepper into small pieces. Careful of the seeds now. Throw on a pair of rubber gloves or something, please. The seeds are the hot part of the pepper. If you don’t like a lot of heat on the old pallet, just leave the jalapeno out.

  3. Add all ingredients (but the cream cheese and the wheat thins) into a bowl. Mix them all together, cover and store in the fridge for at least 4 hours. The sugar needs some time to soak in to the cranberries and break up their bitter taste.

  4. When you are ready to serve, place your cream cheese bricks on a plate.

You Can:

  • Spread the cream cheese out as evenly as you can.

  • Pour your cranberry mixture over the cream cheese.

  • Spread it all around.

  • Serve immediately with Wheat Thins, Ritz Crackers or Tortilla Chips.


  • Put cream cheese brick into the middle of a plate and pour the cranberry mixture around it.

What We Did:

  • We made double of this for our Thanksgiving gathering. So we left the mixture in a large wide bowl.

  • We put out the cream cheese on a plate with spread knives and crackers around it.

Original Source

I'll tell you right now, it is a huge hit. And one of the great things about it is you can make it early because it has to sit. The recipe says 4 hours but you can let it sit longer if you need to be doing something 4 hours prior to the party you are throwing. But if you want to make it for a party, make sure you mix it up in plenty of time for those cranberries to sit in the sugar and lose their bitterness!

I'm so hungry now! I want to makes some of this and some of last weeks Creamed Corn!

Also, we often double for very large parties and because sometimes family members want a bit to take with them or they are dumping it on their turkey. There is also the added benefit that you'll have leftovers of the stuff.

Days Until Christmas: 9
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