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25 Days of Christmas: Plays

I know a few of you have Christmas Programs you go to (or are super involved with) but what about local plays or Christmas plays?

Some of the best that play around here are The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol and a local private school puts on a huge production every year.
 photo 9-Nutcracker-Gallery_Largest_816x450.jpg
image not from our play
Every year the town above me puts on The Nutcracker so it has become a tradition around here for most of the family to trudge up the hill to go see the play. Typically, I don't want to sit through a play (some more than others) but there are some plays worth seeing.

 photo a-christmas-carolc549d677cdec68a4921bff0b004d5814.jpg
image not from our play
A town across the reservoir from us, usually puts on A Chistmas Carol. This to me is one of the few Christmas stories I love hearing every year though admittedly I rarely go see the play because it is further to drive which means you might have to contend with scheduling and weather. Still, when I can manage, I'm there.

 photo hqdefault.jpg
The local private school (my niece went there and my cousins children go) put on a Christmas play every year. It is a huge town production which is free to the public. Throughout the year they do walk-a-thons, sell candy and have bake sales to pay for this play and make it free for the public. And at the play every year people donate money for scholarships (they have some many as a goal) and for the play the following year. Every year they always manage to make the money and entertain the masses.

Sometimes this play can be overly long though last Thursday (when I went) it was cut in half because school attendence is down and they've decided they had the ability to cut it down, focus on academics at the same time, and still get the message they want across.

Any plays you go to see? Any local plays or festivals around you?

Days Until Christmas: 10
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