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25 Days of Christmas: Shopping???

I went Christmas shopping yesterday. Every other month we drive about an hour away, to a much bigger citty where they actually have shopping, to stock up on things we need and just to some general shopping though our main objective is visiting my honorary Grandmother.

The thing is shopping in December is always insane. It doens't matter if it is the weekend before Christmas or two weekends before, there are people everywhere.

When I was a kid, my dad would take us to the mall on Christmas Eve to get a gift for my mom. He waited until then to do it which my mom would always say was insane, and now I know why. He also never put thought into it so he's not a rolemodel of any kind.

Despite the numerous amounts of people at the malls and grocery stores, I actually love Christmas shopping. I love going through the stores and finding the perfect gift for someone and an occasional one for me.

What really helps me is an iTunes app called GiftPlanner which will keep track of not only all your Christmas present but all the presents you need to buy throughout the year for birthdays. I have everyone I buy for enter into this app with their birthdate. It will tell me whose birthday is coming up and what year they'll be. I can have a budget set and keep track what I've already purchased for them.

A Christmas time this is extremely helpful because then I know what I need to still get and what I've already purchased. Plus I can mark whether or not my package has been purchases, shipped, received, wrapped or given. So I'm also keeping track of what to expect in the mail and what I need to wrap up or remember to take to an event.

I think there is an Android equivelant.

Do you like Christmas shopping? Do you like being part of the crowds? Any shopping traditions every year?

Days Until Christmas: 11
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