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25 Days of Christmas: Starbucks Cards

Okay so this wasn't a planned post but it seemed to fit the What The Frick Friday posts I've been doing and I felt the need to warn the masses. Though there are some who don't care, I'm sure.

Have you seen the Sterling Silver Starbucks card?

It is actually quite lovely though should you want one you'll have to go into the store and pay $200 ($150 for the card and $50 on the card for coffee)! When I saw it, my first thought was that it was silver but after a little digging I discovered just how much of a rip off this card actually is.

Sterling silver is approximately $15 an ounce. This card is approximately a quart of an ounce in weight so the actual silver content is worth about $3.75. And yet people are essentially paying $150 for this card? Remember $50 is actual money put onto the card so you can buy coffee.

So I work in retail and the biggest rule is if you are outsourcing to other places (Starbuck would or could supply them to stores) then you need to at least quadrupale the cost. So this thing for retailers should be $15.

Then there is the idea of a reasonablely expected price. Should you walk into a Starbuck and see this fancy card and think it is awfully fancy indeed. I would expect it to cost something and not $15. So if Starbucks sold this thing for $50 (maybe with a mandatory purchase of gift money on the card for a total of say $75). This wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. You'd assume it costs that much. But I do have some inclination towatds what the price of Silver and Gold are so after seeing the price of this thing; I felt rather angry.

I get that Starbucks is a huge company that charges me $5 for a Grande drink. See in my mind this once in a while treat is worth it. And no one needs to buy this gift card but there are those out there who are purchasing them. November 1, Starbucks ran a limited offer on their store for 1000 of these cards and they were sold out in four hours.

Rich or poor, why would you pay so much for a gift card?

I do not hate the idea of a metal card. Such a thing might be nice (making it harder to damage) but it is a gift card you realize. Though Starbucks is one of the only retailers that essentially has there own money. They've made their Rewards Program a huge thing (yes I'm a member) because if you buy drinks you'll get stars which earn you free drinks, coupons, and a free birthday drink. So I do this, essentially always putting money onto a card ($5 when I'm at the store) so I earn something while I drink calories. But the idea of always having money on a Starbucks card has grown to having a Sterling Silver card which you can keep filled with money for your stops at Starbucks.

Is our world going nuts or what?

Having said all that I'm going to add something fun...

Japan, I have nothing against you but apparently KFC is a huge thing on Christmas Eve. I find this odd.

The Ukranine puts small glass spiders and spider webs all over their trees at Christmas. Again, I find this wierd. I don't want anything even remotely like a spider anywhere in my house!

But then I'm sure of our customs seem odd to them. What do you think? Any odd costums you know of?

Days Until Christmas: 13
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