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25 Days of Christmas: Local Celebration

I love living in a rural area because one thing they seem to do, which I don't remember the city doing, is celebrate by shutting down their main streets and leaving shops opened late to celebrate Christmas.

Every year, locally, the towns around us goes all out. One town shuts down the street and all the shops stay open late, rather than closing at 5pm. The shops usually put out cookies and sometimes hot chocolate. The wine tasting rooms provide you with a glass of wine if you are so inclined. The bakery gives out cream puffs (I wish I'd taken a picture of those) and the candy shop busts out it's Christmas candy. It is wonderful and so homey.

Below: Solid Chocolate Christmas Trees with powdered sugar as snow.
 photo 6FBA6E3F-78F4-4F1F-950B-98174B0D1CE5.jpg
Below: Giant Candy Canes hanging behind the counter at the candy shop ready to be sold.
 photo 1F7E3493-90D6-4E9A-BE42-F73BCC9F7992.jpg
Below: People filling the streets all lite up with Christmas lights.
 photo 0EB3FC25-9E9C-4CDB-9614-EDFA710E85FD.jpg
Some pictures I found online of the Parade they put on.
 photo IMG_1234.jpg
 photo IMG_1222.jpg

Then another town over there is the old train towns and they have a Christmas train ride you can take.
 photo santatraintosonora-arriving.jpg
And in a local State Park they have the procession of Mary with a twist. But they sing carols and it is all very fun!
 photo las-posadas-300_7432-1024x679.jpg

Is there some event you all do locally?

Days Until Christmas: 14
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