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25 Days of Christmas: Oh Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

*singing* Are you fake or reeeal?

Our tree is fake though it is hard to tell. We were buying real trees and then when I moved like 5 years ago my cats had more reign over the house which meant a real tree was out because in the past they'd climbed the darn thing. So instead we thought we'd go fake but that required buying one. And then my Aunt stepped up and decided she couldn't have a normal shaped fake tree but a tall skinny abomonation! Wish I had a picture. Point is she gave us her old (expensive) fake tree. It really looks real. See...

I circled Mickey & Kermit from yesterdays 25 Days of Christmas post. LOL

Now, there are some people like my cousins who are highly allergic to trees (everything) and they never have a real tree. So I'm wondering, is your Christmas tree fake or real, cut or potted? Maybe your Christmas tree isn't green at all? Or maybe your tree looks like this:

Didn't I say we have Peanuts on our tree? Well, we have a Peanuts tree too!

So like I said, we go fake but the question is when do your decorations go up? We tend to put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving (US). This year we decided to do it the weekend before Thanksgiving meaning we had Christmas decorations up while we were eating our turkey. This didn't bother me though typically I like one holiday to be over before another starts. So do you wait for December? Or are you the type to put the decorations up right before Christmas?

Even as a kid we put our tree up right after Thanksgiving and I remember breaking out the records (I know shocking) and listening to odd songs that no one seems to have heard of (that is another post) or listening to The Monkees (I kid you not). We'd dance around the tree putting on ornaments while our dog tried to take them off. It was the best! Sometimes I think my dog thought we were being unruly children and other times I think he thought it was play time and taking them off and making us put them back on was a game to him. *squishes* Don't care cause he was awesome (he gets a post too).

Taking them down was never as fun but we got goodies as an enticement to put everything away. My mom would give us Cokes and Cookies but we had to help. We'd typically wait until after January 6th (which we called Armenian Christmas) to take everything down. We still wait until after the 6th.

When do you take Christmas decorations down?

Days Left Until Christmas: 19
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