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Yuletide Treasure by Andrea Kane

Title: Yuletide Treasure
Author: Andrea Kane
Pages: 90
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Book Description:
Yuletide Treasure captures holiday magic as it transports us to a village in Victorian England, where an embittered earl seeks a governess for a lovely, defiant little girl named Noelle. But the governess has a lot to teach both Noelle and the Earl about love, hope and Christmas.

My Thoughts on the Book:
Noelle is three going on four and she's a constant reminder to her Uncle of the sister he once loved and lost. Angry and full of self-loathing the Eric can't bring himself to take car of Noelle and instead sends her to live with every family he can find in the parish.

The things is Noelle is "spirited" and has been returned to Eric repeatedly. He's all but exhausted every avenue he has to ensure he doesn't have to deal with the child that reminds him of everything he's loved and lost.

Noelle is a highly mischievous child but one who clearly acts out to get the attentions she's been denied for her entire life.

Enter Brigitte, our heroine, who can see through Eric's anger and refusal to be part of Noelle's life and Noelle's antics for the cry for love it is.

Brigitte not only connects with Noelle but brings love, hope and Christmas to a little girl who has never had any.

This story was short, simple but profoundly beautiful. I would read this again.

I've heard you should read The Last Duke and The Theft as they are all tied together.

Other Books:
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