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25 Days of Christmas: Ornaments!

This is going to be a two part post because I'm going to continue with the WTF Friday theme only Christmas style. But I thought of something that applies to that but that isn't along my original vain of thought. So here goes....

Ornaments are a big part of Christmas. The majority of us pull out the Christmas trimmings, put up a tree, and then once all the lights and garlands on the tree; we start hanging memories in the form of ornaments. Hallmark is a big deal this time of year and I love that there are yearly ornaments though typically I don't buy them. I did get this one last year as a gift...

I have always loved the Mickey cartoon The Brave Little Tailor so I was super excited when Hallmark came out with this ornament.

Another favorite Hallmark ornament of mine is my sleding Kermit the Frog... I'm a big fan of Kermit the Frog. I love The Muppets but Kermit is my go to frog. I can't say I have a favorite ornament but if I did, it is likely to be one of these two.

So what is your favorite Christmas ornament? Pictures are welcome even if it is just a link to it online.
And the Second part of this post is fandom ornaments....

It just dawned on me the only "TV" show ornaments I have are Star Trek and I almost never put those up because I stopped caring about them 5 years ago. Suddenly, I'm super disappointed. Why don't I have an Outlander ornament or a Firefly ornament??? I don't even have a Stargate from Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis which I'm still a huge fan of.

It would be nice to have the Impala from Supernatural on my tree or even something Scottish since I'm so in love with that country. I don't have anything even close on my tree. Lots of Peanuts and Disney.

Hey and Tis the Season right? Under the Dome needs to get with the program and sell and ornament with Chesters Mill inside of it. Heck I'd even put the Headless Horsemen from Sleepy Hollow on my tree though I'd rather have Icabod riding a motorcyle (from The Akeda). And now that I'm totally hooked on Eureka and in love with Carter and Allison there should be an ornament for the show if not the couple!

Okay this idea is really getting going so why not a Viking ship for the show Vikings? Or if you are into The 100 maybe the Ark as it breaks up and falls to earth. That is cheery? LOL

So do you have any fandom ornaments I should be jealous of? And if so where did you buy them or did you make them????

Almost forgot the WTF-yist part of this post.... Who the hell thought these were a good ornament????

This is the most screwed up and blanantly awful set of ornaments I've ever seen. Now those ugly Santa's I have look good.

Days Left Until Christmas: 20
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