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The Big Book of Time Travel Romance by Various Authors

Title: The Big Book of Time Travel Romance
Author: Sarah Woodbury, Cassidy Cayman, Ranay James, Angeline Fortin, Monique Martin, E. B. Brown,
Series: After Cilmeri #0.5, Lost Highlander #1, The McKinnon Legends #1, Out of Time #1, Time Walkers #1
Pages: 1823 approx. (3204 kb)
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Book Description:

The Big Book Of Time Travel Romance presents for the time travel romance enthusiast the works of six bestselling artists in one stunning collection. A brilliantly conceived anthology unprecedented in its scope, this set of six full length time travel novels by artists EB Brown, Cassidy Cayman, Angeline Fortin, Ranay James, Monique Martin and Sarah Woodbury, will leave you breathless and asking for more.

Thrilling and told with wit this collected works will warm the heart, excite the senses, and spark the imagination. Overflowing with history, drama, love, loss, and victory, The Big Book Of Time Travel Romance will transport you in a whirlwind of adrenaline from the wild Scottish Highlands to Medieval Wales, from Tudor England to Colonial America, and into the roaring 1920's and beyond. This collection will carry you away without ever having to pack a bag.

My Thoughts on the Book
Daughter of Time by Sarah Woodbury
This short time travel story prompted me to stop reading this book and continue on with the After Cilmeri series which this story begins. Really great story and very interesting series. One of my favorite things about this short was its ending which I won't reveal but needless to say it was surprising.

Meg is an interesting heroine who accidentally drives back in time with her daughter and meets the last great prince of Wales. And then history changes.

Lost Highlander by Cassidy Cayman
Evelyn is a grad student who drops everything to run to Scotland when her best friends calls telling her that something is wrong with the inheritances she's received.

Very odd entertaining short. Mysterious time travelers and curses along with modern love stories. It was entertaining, as I said, but not overly intriguing.

The Beginning by Ranay James
Nic McKinnon is being forced to marry Morgan Pembridge who unbeknownst to him has been a prisoner of her lands since the death of her parents. Just as Nic is going to claim his bride he stumbles upon a boy fleeing his destination only to discover the boy is actually his betrothed in disguise.

This story felt like a real book rather than a short and while it was a good story it wasn't overly great. I'd almost forgotten this story was part of a time travel anthology until I reached the end of the story and discovered the connection to time travel.

A Laird For All Time
Emmy travels back in time while vacationing in Scotland only to come face to face with the Laird of Duart Castle who recognizes her as the wife who ran away from him nearly 10 years prior.

This was a fun romp through the Highlands with a more modern historical romance than we usually get out of Highland Romance stories. There was a bit of intrigue and a lot of hurt feelings to get over.

Out of Time by Monique Martin
Professor Simon Cross and his assistance Elizabeth West accidentally travel back in time to 1920s Manhattan where the Supernatural is alive and well and fascinated by Elizabeth.

I found this story rather strange. I got stuck on this story and it took me longer to read this book than I'd hoped.

Elizabeth and Simon have a small amount of chemistry but the story mostly felt like an odd way to bring them together while revealing the idea that Vampires and Time Travel are real.

Legend of The Blood Stone
Maggie is cleaning out her barn when she cuts her hand on something. When she goes to investigate she's suddenly thrust back in time to Jamestown 1622 where she comes face to face with a fierce Powhatan warrior named Winn who has made a vow to kill all Time Walkers.

This story seemed out of place as the majority of the stories (save the previous) were set in Europe. However, it didn't take me long to become completely interested in this story and willing to read more.

Winn and Maggie clash as they are from different times and vastly different cultures but they quickly figure out that despite all misunderstandings they really want to be with the other.

This story isn't all sunshine and roses as Jamestown 1622 was a dangerous place with tensions between settlers and Native Americans. This story (and I would assume subsequent stories) aren't for the faint of heart though I suspect well worth the time.
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