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25 Days of Christmas: Christmas Countdown!

First, let me telling you the plan. Last year, I decided to do a 25 Day of Christmas meme, in which I posted every day from the start of December until Christmas Day. The idea for me is to talk about Christmas things you love, recipes, or movies. I toss in some memories here and there. I find it hard not to rehash those posts I did last year but I'm going to try as I see Christmas stuff in stores and on the television. Should you like to look back on my Christmas posts... LINK... onto the first post.

Counting Down to Christmas!
When I was a kid, every year, during Thanksgiving or on December 1st, my younger siblings and I would pull out the construction paper and start the process of making a Christmas Countdown chain. This is a tradition I tried to continue with my nieces who maybe participated once or twice and then stopped. I find this sad, but someday I'll do it with my own kids.
Checking out the internet, I found some other neat variations on this idea:
I like both ideas though for something I'd end up throwing away, I'm less likely to go to the trouble of making all those numbers. Having said this, I made the numbers that will be used in the everyday meme I'm doing here until the 25th (the 1st above). *sigh* Granted, I'm not throwing those away and they will be reused hopefully next year.

Thinking about this, I thought cutting up all that paper just to throw it away seemed so wasteful even though it seems so fun. And then I stumbled on something I find to be a much better idea.
 photo finishedadventchain2_thumb2.jpg  photo il_570xN45741046.jpg
Source: http://rootsandwingsco.blogspot.com/2009/07/fabric-paper-type-advent-chain.html
Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/17575419/countdown-garland

It never dawned on me to make them out of fabric or felt. My favorite is the second image with the buttons but Roots and Wings made theirs using velcro to keep the rings together. I find this a wonderful idea and one I'm going to have to look into for the future. I have yet to make a more lasting version but maybe I'll have done it before next year as the kid in me wants to be able to pull off the rings until Christmas.

And to share a more recent memory....

Last year, my Aunt was out of town when our cousins and their kids decided to get together to make Christmas cookies. As we worked we realized my Aunt had left out her construction paper. So in a fit of brilliance (and some childish behavior) my cousins, siblings and I went nuts....
We created a chain that would countdown from Christmas 2013 to Christmas 2014. Yes, an 365 day chain! Can you see it above? It pretty much went around the entire room. My Aunt thought us insane but she also thought it funny. She still has it and it is still counting down until December 25, 2014! The funny thing is all of us who worked on this chain were in our 30s and we all found ourselves acting like the kids we still have inside us.
Happy December 1!
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