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April 04 2006 @ 05:11 pm
Andromeda: Just a World Away, TA/OFC, [PG], 1/7  
Title: Just A World Away
Author: SireesAnwar
Show: Andromeda
Part: 1 of 7
Rating: PG
Characters: Dylan, Tyr, Beka, Harper, Trance, OFC (Sirees), Other OCs
Archiving: Command Deck
Warnings: Action, Drama
SPOILERS: None that I know of.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Andromeda characters so don't sue me. The character, Sirees Anwar and all other original characters are mine and I hope you like them.
The Andromeda crew comes across a strange beacon and someone from Tyr's past. Dylan and crew struggle to help a world with a leader who is hiding more than she uncovers.
AN: I wrote this story before taking the penname SireesAnwar. I just really liked the character and I hope you do too.

Chapter 1: Reluctant Warrior

"An enemy will agree, but a friend will argue." ~ Ancient Earth Russian Proverb


Ladonia: A Little While Back

The rocks crunched beneath her boots as she walked, her long black coat whipped behind her in the wind. The sun was high in the sky and it was hot out, just the way she liked it. Yep, this planet would do fine to hide out on for a while.

She looked out over the terrain, seeing the city shimmering on the horizon, like a mirage emerging from the desert. She turned back to her flyer and opened a locker near the rear hatch, pulling out a bag in which she stored all she ever needed on her first scout of a new planet: a force lance, a change of cloths (just in case), something tradable, and a few other weapons that wouldn’t be easily identified by the natives.

She checked the bag to make sure nothing was missing before putting the strap over her head, resting it on her shoulder, and pushing it around to place it against her back. She stepped away from her ship and tapped the bracer on her wrist. She watched as the hatch doors closed and the ships shielding changed to look like the rock face she had set down by outside the city, after all she didn’t want people snooping.

She turned toward the city she had scanned, and started walking. She used the bracer to make sure she wouldn’t run into any natives. It took her very little time to get into the city. Despite the fact that this race had technology equal to space faring races, their surroundings seemed low tech, even archaic. The buildings looked old and worn. The streets weren’t paved. There was dirt and dust like old west tales from earths past. Despite its archaic look; it seemed quaint.

She walked through the crowds of people from this planet, searching for anyone who wasn’t of this world. She appeared to be the only outsider though no one seemed surprised by her presence. There were merchants on the street selling anything they could and the noise of everyone together started drowning out her own thoughts and memories. She liked it here already. She turned to find what appeared to be the local watering hole, and headed for it.

Once inside it seemed that the noise from the city died away and calmness greeted her. She glanced around and noticed only two other outsiders. She was positive one was Nietzschean, as evident by the bone blade adoring his wrists, and the other she had never seen before. She surveyed her surroundings and noticed an obvious door to a storage room, a rear exit, or a possible staircase leading to the second level she noticed when she was outside. She glanced around some more noticing the tall Nietzschean in the corner staring at her. His had dark complexion and dark eyes reminded her of another Nietzschean she once knew minus the long dark hair. She headed for the bar and sat down on one of the stools.

“What’ll it be?” The man behind the bar asked. She couldn’t say she knew of his race but his basic characteristics were humanoid. There were near two meters tall and had intricate spots on their skin, which seemed almost ornamental; their eyes, which were a wide variety of different and gorgeous colors, and the gills on the sides of their faces near their ears. The thought of breathing underwater made her smile. There were times when she could have used such an ability.

She looked up at him and shrugged. “Whatever you have.”

The bartender grabbed a container of orangish liquid, dangled it in the air a moment, and poured it into a glass. “What brings you to our planet?”

“What makes you think anything brought me here?” She wondered if these simple seeming people had known she had landed. She glanced slightly to the right where she could see the Nietzschean watching her. She sipped her drink. It had a thick texture but a pleasant flavor, and seemed remotely familiar.

The bartender leaned in a bit. “As you can see we don’t get many outsiders. They usually have a purpose for being here.” She nodded and sipped her drink. He smiled at her. “So what brings you here?”

“Warm weather.” She smiled at him. She didn’t like the cold. She didn’t do well in it. Besides she needed a place to lay low for a while and this seemed a good a place as any.

“Don’t like the cold much?” The bartender nodded at her. “Our sector stays pretty warm.” He turned from her.

She could see the Nietzschean in her peripheral vision as he rose from his chair and approached her. “Human?” the Nietzschean called, but she ignored him. “I called you, human.” He didn’t seem too happy with the thought of a human in his presence.

She spun around on the stool. “Who me?” She acted surprised. He was approaching fast, but she knew she could get away from him. She could fight, though it was the last thing she really wanted to do, but the Nietzschean approaching probably wasn’t taking what she wanted into consideration.

“Of course, you? You’re the only human here.” the Nietzschean seemed agitated.

“Believe me; you’re more human than I’ll ever be.” She could see the Nietzscheans eyes flare with anger.

“You’re not welcome here.” He reached out for her.

She put her hands on the bar and flipped over it spilling her drink. “Now look what you’ve done. You’re going to buy me another.” She eyed him mischievously.

The Nietzschean was surprised to see her fly over the bar, and realized instantly he hadn’t found a human but someone from a similar looking race. It didn’t matter to him now he was angry and reached for her again. He was determined to keep the unwanted out of any place he frequented.

She had come to this planet to get away from the continuous fight, but as always the fight followed. As he reached for her she moved sideways and then threw herself over the bar again. Nietzscheans were good but sometimes predictable.

“They’re coming!” a young male ran into the bar. He was definitely a native of the planet and would have been considered a teenager in human terms.

The Nietzschean didn’t care about whoever was coming. He was blinded by his anger towards the small woman who had evaded him. He came at her again.

She was getting upset. She wanted to know what the boy had to say. When he lunged forward at her she kicked a stool up at him, blocking his forward movement. She kicked out with her right leg sending him flying away from her and crashing into the wall behind him. She looked at him. “I am not human!” The Nietzschean said nothing and stared at her. She turned her attention back to the boy hoping he wouldn’t give her the news she dreaded. “Who is coming?”

He stared at her wide eyed. “I… I was in the desert… with my friends. We saw a landing party arriving. They have weapons and there are a lot of them.” The boy was panting. He had never seen anything like what she had just done and his mind was having trouble focusing on his reason for being there.

She ran out into the crowd who was now running into buildings with the news of conquerors. She turned to the building she had come out of searching for a way to the roof. The Nietzschean had regained his composer and followed her out of the bar searching for the new enemy who was advancing. She turned to him. “Look, I know we aren’t exactly friends but I think we, suddenly, have a common goal. Could you give me a shove up to the roof?”

The Nietzschean stared at her for only a second and then nodded. She put her foot up and he braced it and then sent her flying up to the roof. She caught the edge of the roof and pulled herself up. She reached behind her and pulled her binoculars out of her bag, and surveyed the area until she could see the approaching party. “Dragans?” She took a moment to breathe relief it wasn’t anyone coming for her. She ran back to the edge of the roof as she put her binoculars in her pack, pulled it over her head, and tossed it over the side. “Nietzschean!” she yelled as she followed her pack over the side of the roof.

Below, the Nietzschean was getting ready for the fight. He had come to this planet thinking he wouldn’t encounter any hostiles and he would have a chance to relax. He heard the outsiders voice call him and he turned back only to find her slamming down on the ground infront of him only seconds after to pack landed. She had landed with her knees bent. He watched her intently truly believing she’d all but killed herself. Her head turned up and she smiled at him. “What were you doing?” He asked as she dropped to her knees.

She knelt at her pack as she smiled slightly at him. “Taking a look. There is a landing party of at least two-dozen Nietzscheans coming our way. They appear to be Drago-Karzov. Know anything about it?”

His eyes squinted at her. “I do not.” He stated.

She nodded at him as she rummaged through her pack. “We have some time but not much.”

“Dragans are easy to kill.” the Nietzschean said.

She almost laughed. “They have personal armor and plenty of weapons.” She had noticed the native men gathering around. It was happening again. She was in the middle of another races battle and if she didn’t want a repeat of the last time she was going to have to work for it. She shook off the memories. She had no intention of dwelling on the past.

“What are we supposed to do?” one of the men asked.

“Nietzschean, I’m going to need your help.” she looked up at him. She hated to think she needed anyone but she wasn’t about to do this alone even if she believed she could.

“My name is Talmus Marobi, out of Isabella, by Nikolai of the Three Rivers.” he looked blankly at her.

“Sirees Anwar. Talmus Marobi, will you help?” She question.

Talmus nodded to her as his rose to his feet pulling out a pistol. He was prepared for anything. His bone blades flared with the anticipation of the upcoming fight.

She pulled out some weapons. She gave force lances to some of the villagers and showed them how to work the plasma beam in its compact form. She pulled out small devices and handed them to others telling them to put them at the entrances of the city and to cover them with the dirt in the road. “Now go.” She yelled and the others took off except Talmus.

He turned to her with a puzzled expression on his face. “If I didn’t know any better I would think you were Nietzschean.”

She smiled and then heard an explosion. “One down.” She headed off. She turned a corner to find a Dragan coming at her and she extended her force lance (which she’d customized to retract into batons, for a nice beating when necessary) and threw them up to make contact with his face. He flew to one side.

One after the other, the Drago-Karzov advanced, and one after another, Talmus, the villagers and she stopped them. She looked around quickly to measure their progress, and realized Talmus and she had already taken out a bit more than a dozen. Most of the other Dragans had met their fate when they stepped on the road bombs when entering the city and the others the natives had taken down.

She searched for Talmus in the panic of screaming families and found him with the last of the landing party, who he was about to kill. “Wait!” she yelled to him. She walked over to him and looked Talmus in the face. And for a reason she wished not to think about then, he submitted to her will.

She faced the Dragan. “Go back to your leader and tell him this planet is off limits. If he puts his boots on this planet he will regret it.” She kicked him over and the man got up and ran. She hated to threaten but she had no choice. If the leader of the Drago-Karzov group came looking for a fight she would give him one he’d never forget. She would do anything to keep these people from a horrible fate. She couldn’t let the past repeat itself.

She turned away from the natives and Talmus, who were all watching her. She’s seen that stare far too many times. It was a strange awe at her ability. She headed back into the bar and sat down on a stool.

Talmus followed her unable to figure out what he had witness and when her eyes changed from blue to a purple color. “I believe you. You’re definitely not human. I have never seen anything like you.”

She turned towards the bar. “I came here to get away from that.” She sighed and pointed out the door to where dead Dragans were strewn in the street.

Talmus laid the gauss gun on the bar. “Can I buy you that drink?”

She smiled and nodded.

Now: Andromeda

“So you’re saying you want no part in any mission we come across?” Beka laughed as she walked through the corridor.

“Hey, it’s not funny. We hit planet after planet and what do any of us have to show for it? Nada. That’s right. Nothing. No treasure. No woman. Nothing, except peril.” Harper’s face sank. “I’m getting depressed.”

Beka laughed and slapped him on the back. “Don’t give up, Seamus. One of us could find something any time. Our treasure could be just around the corner, lying on a remote planet waiting…”

“…For us to pluck it from its tender soil.” Harper looked infinitely happier than a moment ago. Beka smirked as they walked onto the Command Deck and headed to their posts.

“Dylan, we are receiving a message from a planet in a nearby system. They’re broadcasting a distress signal to the Commonwealth.” Rommie reported.

Tyr looked up from his station to Dylan. He was clearly curious as to the nature of the message.

Dylan nodded looked to the forward screen. “Andromeda, play message.”

“There is no visual.” Rommie stated as she turned her attentions to her console.

“Commonwealth,” Static buzzed through the comm, “assistance… joining the Commonwealth… attacked by Dragans… keep them at bay… how much longer… Please hurry.”

Tyr’s stepped away from his station. “Can it be cleaned up?” The voice sounded urgent and tired but the scratchy words intrigued Tyr beyond his understanding.

Everyone turned to look at Tyr. Rommie spoke up. “The signal is corrupted. This is all I can extract from the static.”

“Adjust heading.” Dylan Hunt ordered.

Beka shrugged to Harper who was looking at her questioningly. “Aye, heading adjusted.” What’s got Tyr all worked up?

Ladonia: Orbit

“Dylan, we are in orbit around the planet.” Rommie stated as they approached.

“Where is the source of the signal?” Dylan questioned as he looked up at the screen.

“It appears to be coming from the beacons in orbit around the planet.” Rommie answered as a visual of a beacon came up on the screen.

“Whoa.” Harper stood at his station checking out the signals specs. “I have a bad feeling about this, boss.” Harper whined.

“Why?” Beka turned her head to Harper. They had no reason to be so concerned unless he knew something they did not.

“I ran some scans on a beacon. A fine piece of machinery even if I didn’t have a hand in it.” Harper commented as he tapped the computer console infront of him.

“Harper!” Beka snapped. “What did you find?”

Harper winced as he looked to Dylan who seemed worried. “Andromeda, if you please.” Harper tapped a few buttons and made a grand gesture towards the forward screens where a beacon became magnified.

Andromeda appeared next to Dylan in her holographic form. “Scans indicate the beacons are also sensory nodes. Each contains,” the hologram looked to the side as if it were scanning the beacons, “communication abilities, armor, and a point defense lasers.”

“Captain,” Harper punched a few more buttons as Andromeda scanned the probe, “their primary programming algorithms have been altered to avert exchange with Andromeda’s functioning system and their own.” He looked up his Captain with dismay.

“Am I missing something?” Beka looked to Dylan who seemed equally puzzled. “Is he speaking English?”

“What Harper means is the beacon systems have been tampered with. They’re not functioning as they should.” Rommie explained.

Harper held his arms out. “That’s what I said.”

“Now, I have a bad feeling.” Dylan walked closer to the main view screen. “Can we hail them at all?”

“Attempting. It would appear the beacons corrupted systems are preventing contact with the surface.” Rommie stated.

“I say we move on.” Beka shook her head. “It’s creepy when a floating probe gets attacked.”

Rommie’s synthetic eyebrow rose. “It is a computer and it wasn’t attacked, more than likely it was tampered with from the surface.”

“The distress signal is still being sent.” Tyr commented. He looked to Dylan. “They could be under attack.”

“Someone put that signal in those beacons and I want to know who.” Dylan’s looked up slightly. “Trance?” Dylan called through the comm.

“Yes, Captain?” Trance answered from the medical bay.

“Meet us at the Maru. We are going down to a planet and I’d appreciate your input.” Dylan tapped a few buttons in front of him.

“On my way.” Trance never sounded like she had been given an order or even that she had to obey it. She always seemed to be just going along with whatever situation she found herself in. The entire crew of the Andromeda was puzzled by Trance. Her abilities and her cryptic nature always made the seemingly harmless being, unnerving, but a comfort.

“Tyr, Beka, your with me.” Dylan waved his hand and turned to the command decks doors. “Mr. Harper, be gentle with my ship.” Tyr and Beka followed him.

Harper looked towards them as they left. “No problem, Boss.”

Ladonia: A While Back

The war was over, finally. She was only asking to be given a place to live on their planet, but the senate had to convene. She couldn’t believe every faction of the planet needed to gather at the senate to discuss such a decision, but it was their planet and their rules. She looked around the Senate eying all the members to see who had been part of the wars. She was more than a little overjoyed she had been able to train so many Ladonians to fight and some were actually present. Things could actually go her way. She could find a great little spot outside the city and settle until she decided it was time to move on.

As she stared out over the senate members; one caught her eye. He was a tall seeming Ladonian with dark hair and piercing aquamarine eyes. He was starring at her from his senate seat. She wasn’t one to be easily disquieted but she felt as if he were staring into her future and already planning it out. She shook off her uneasiness. She had nothing to feel uneasy about. She had given the last year and a half of her life to helping these people impede a conquering band of Dragans. She turned her attention back to Ursal who she had gone up against many a time because of her given position as the leader of their rag-tag army during the Dragan War.

“The war has been fought and you have kept your promise to step down. And so we shall keep ours by giving you a place to live. You may live in the home we have built for our Medi.” Ursal pronounced before the senate, as they had wished, he himself seemed rather upset by the notion, but he was only a speaker for his people.

Tal was sitting next to her the entire time and the shock registered on his face before she realized what was said. “I don’t believe it.” He looked at her.

Suddenly realizing what the Ladonians were offering her, she rose from her seat. “You’re kidding, right?” She shook her head. Are they insane? They want me to rule their planet? “It is very generous of you to offer but I only want to stay here for a while.” She looked at the people as their faces register the disappointment they were feeling. This isn’t laying low. If she became their Medi she would be greeting anyone who came to this planet, even those she wished not to encounter.

Ursal turned to her. “We do not kid about such matters. You were instrumental in saving the Ladonian people from invaders. You brought outsiders,” Ursal appeared to have a bad taste in his mouth, “to help us and, no matter how much I hate to admit it, in doing so you united all sectors of our planet in one common goal. The Ladonian people believe everything we have achieved will fall apart without you.”

Outsiders. Tal’s friends. “Only if you let it.” She watched him. He obviously voted against her becoming Medi and she had great respect for him knowing he had. He was an older Ladonian probably nearing his retirement; his hair sprinkled with the tell tale grey hairs. He was practical and nothing about this decision seemed practical.

Another Senate member far younger than Ursal rose to his feet troubled to think she wouldn’t accept the title and position. “We are not asking you to rule us but to be our guiding force. You have set us on the right path and we need you to guide us again. The sectors are talking about peace between us all and the only thing we have agreed upon is that we would all like you to be our final decider, our Medi. We have had trouble coming to even that decision because some factions want you to be more.”

She stared at him. Sounded like a ruler to her. But how could she refuse a planet full of people, peace? They had all decided they would listen to her and heed her words. She didn’t want to be a ruler, but she wanted to stay with the Ladonians who she had grown to love. She didn’t want to be the center of attention but it could be beneficial. If someone came looking for her she would have an army to back her up. She hated herself for thinking of the benefits of ruling the Ladonians. “I have stipulations if I agree to this.”

“Anything.” Many voices said. She heard a snort come from Ursal’s direction.

She was disappointed by their reaction. She could be anyone and they were willing to hand everything over to her. “I won’t be staying here long. We will train Ladonians to be my successor for when I am ready to leave. I will help your people united, but that’s where it stops. You are asking me to make a commitment to your people and while I do care what happens to you, I am not a ruler.”

Ursal stared at her rather puzzled. “I don’t understand. You were our ruler during the Dragan War.”

“No, I was in charge of the fight, not your people.” She wanted an out. She wanted them to agree to this. She wanted to help, but not if it meant tying her to this planet longer than needed. She didn’t want to endanger them and she very well could.

The senate whispered among themselves, but only one Ladonian stood and addressed her. He was on the other side of the senate; the tall dark haired Ladonian rose to his feet and spoke clearly. “I agree to your terms. You will train successors. You will teach them to be warriors like yourself and teach them how to command like you did in the wars. Then you will be free to leave or stay, whatever is your wish.”

She stared at the tall Ladonian. Something was very different about him. She had been worried about him most of this meeting but now she was intrigued. “The separate regions must learn to trust each other if we are to co-exist and I will do my best to help you achieve this.”

The senate agreed and closed the meeting. Sirees headed out to the hall and searched for the tall Ladonian. She found him and approached him from behind. “It would seem you are a fan?”

The Ladonian who had been talking to his assistant who look a bit like him only with green eyes, turned to face her. “Medi Anwar, I am Randir and this is my assistant Juni.” Juni nodded to her and she returned the gesture. “To answer your question, your highness, I supported you because I felt we would get no where to argue with you. I did see you in battle and during negotiations with the Dragans. You never did back down. Plus, I understand being a star traveler. I am one myself. In all my travels I have never encounter someone so opposed to power.” He stared down at her. “Besides, I think this will benefit you just as much as it will benefit us.”

Sirees was somewhat surprised at his confession. She blushed slightly at the high regard he clearly had for her. “Call me Sirees.”

“I’m sorry I can’t do that.”

“You can if I say you can. Because I know next to nothing about your internal politics and if you’re going to be my advisor I don’t want to hear Medi Anwar all day.” She looked at him confident he wouldn’t refuse her.

Randir sighed, giving up on the name. “I would be honored to assist you, Sirees.”

“Then it is settled. I will see you first thing tomorrow. Don’t be late or I’ll fire you.” Sirees turned and head towards the hover vehicle waiting to take her to the citadel.

Chapter 2: Unexpected Warrior