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Make Your Own Trail Mix

I love and hate trail mixes. First, they almost always contain peanuts which I just don't enjoy. Second, they almost always have one ingredient I can't stand (dark raisins). Third, if they contain pretzels the package is half pretzels. Fourth, they give you a quick and easy snack when you are at work or on the go. I'd virtually given up on trail mixes as the only one I've found and liked had a ton of cashews in it. Originally, this didn't bother me until I couldn't figure out why my asthma was flaring up. Turns out cashews are an asthmatic trigger. So out with the cashews.

Then when visiting my best friend in So Cal, we went to a WinCo which so far can only be found in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Texas and Washington. Debbie (best friend) went about buying snacks for her family in the barrels section of the store. See WinCo sells all kinds of things by the pound or ounce out of barrels like an old candy store. You can get candy, pasta, seasonings and so much more.

The weird thing is I knew WinCo had this barrel section and never put it together but this trip got my brain working overtime. So a couple of weeks ago, while I was at my WinCo, I decided to make my own trail mix which you can see above.

What I Got:
Raw Almonds
Blonde Raisins
Dried Cranberries
Dried Pineapple (which I had to chop up)
Banana Chips
White Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Chips
Dark Chocolate Coco Covered Almonds - Beyond Delicious

These ingredients cost me approximately $10 but I ended up with a lot of mix (picture above is just my office stash). And it is delicious.

I also had some dried strawberries from our local Farmers Market which I dumped into the mix... I'm sad to say I can't get more of those until next summer. These dried strawberries are like the pineapple and have a gummy like quality. And while there is chocolate in this mix, I tried to keep it to a minimum so as not to make my mix nothing but sugar. I have to say this has been one of the best treats to have around. I might try the dried apples next time. WinCo also had Hazelnuts and Macadamias but they were rather pricey, though I might splurge someday.
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