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25 Year Anniversary of Loma Prieta

This is long so you can view as much of it as you want but as police footage you actually see the collapse of the bridge which is kind of rare.

 photo loma-prieta-earthquake-1989-2.jpg
After the freeway collapsed, workers assessed the damage caused to Interstate 880 in Oakland, California on Oct. 19, 1989.
 photo loma-prieta-earthquake-1989.jpg
Most of the deaths came when part of the double-decker Interstate 880 highway collapsed, crushing vehicles on the lower deck. Here, cars sit abandoned on the quake-ravaged highway on Oct. 18, 1989.
 photo loma-prieta-earthquake-1989-3.jpg
The 6.9 earthquake was a game stopper when the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants took to the pitch. the Loma Prieta earthquake hit during the third game of the 1989 World Series -- causing chaos in the Candlestick Park stadium. While the death toll was expected to reach 300, 63 died -- put down to the fact that most people had left work early to watch the highly anticipated World Series baseball game.
 photo loma-prieta-earthquake-1989-1.jpg
Firefighters battled the blaze in the Marina District of San Francisco after the deadly earthquake on Oct. 17, 1989.

I remember being in Southern California watching the World Series on television and everything on screen started shaking and you saw all the ballplayers running out onto the field and the game disappearing from the tv. It was so shocking and then, of course, news broke in of the Bay Bridge collapse.

I also remember the surgery that took place in the rubble. Here is an article about it. Remembering the Surgery in the Freeway Collapse
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