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Arrow: The Calm

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Oh my gosh, I haven't been into something so much since I watched Outlander's wedding episode. I love Arrow. Even more now and the tension of this episode was insane! I knew there was chemistry between Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards but this is crazy. They are honestly magic!

Please please please, tell me someone out there knows where I can find the most awesome icons of these two because I need them!

Now onto spoilerish talks:

[Spoiler (click to open)]I knew what was going to happen before it did. I figured like every other show, Oliver would decided his life was just too dangerous for Felicity which is beyond stupid because she's already apart of this dangerous world. And they could have more private dates where they are less likely to get blown up. The worst part is that 90% of the time, Oliver doesn't do the most obvious thing. Of course, he's getting more and more that way with the whole, "I can't kill," and the "I can't have a normal relationship," thing. Oh Ollie, I want to smack you. Do not whinge like Clark Kent of Smallville.

And that first scene (the bed animated image), I nearly died at the way he was eying her and when Diggle told him he told Felicity the truth when he declared his love. *diez* I want them together so bad it isn't even funny. I don't think I wanted Booth/Bones or Castle/Beckett this much.

I loved Felicity getting back at Ray for his tricking her into helping him break into the QC files. Oh the payback Felicity can bring. And I adore her. I so rarely love female characters but there are those rare few who are just beyond awesome.

And then let's talk Ray who I know nothing about as I don't know the lore of Green Arrow or most comics minus Superman but then I like that he appears to be a genuinely nice guy though I hate he's obviously there to flirt with our Felicity and break up my dream team.

I loved seeing Roy in his Red suit working along side Oliver. It was so great and it felt like a true team now. I read Green and Red Arrow have been a team in the comics for a long time so that is a nice twist I knew nothing about.

Flashbacks. Most of the time I hate them. These ones I liked a lot more and it only made sense that Amanda Waller would be the one to manipulate him by threatening Maseo and Katana's family. Oliver's weakness (which is really anyone's who is good)! Oh I hate her and I didn't want to like Maseo until he was so much nicer towards the end when he told Oliver what was going on.

Laurel and Detective, I mean Captian, Lance are doing okay. Laurel isn't crying all the time but Captain Lance's hair is gone which to me looks weird and he's clearly got a heart issue. Freaked me out. I want him to be okay.

But, of course, the Canary in the room is Sara. She died. Holy crap but yay she's gone. I feel bad for the characters who will mourn her but she's got to go. Now, please don't tell me that Malcolm either killed Sara or taught Thea to do it. That just wouldn't be good... but part of me wonders if that Vertigo made Oliver do it. I'm a little terrified but sooo looking forward to the next episode!
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