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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Kind of snagged this review layout from
Review #: 13
Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author: J.K. Rowlings
Pages: 752

Rating: 4


Why did you get this book?

Got the audio as a gift.


Was the author new to you?

Would you read something by this author again?



Are you keeping it or passing it on?



What did you think of the book?

Well, I wasn’t as fond of the whole Tri-wizard tournament thing but I did like how much Sirius was there for Harry. I personally have this deep love for Sirius, which has everything to do with his love of Harry. I really want Harry to live with him though I know that it isn’t possible.


Who would suspect Moody? I mean why help Neville through the shock after the class if he was a baddy? I mean, of course, you want to suspect him because he is the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor but he just didn’t seem like a bad guy. I mean after he tells you there are those things that stand out but even now I can’t remember him being anything other than helpful.


You really weren’t expecting Cedric death. I mean part of you could be while the rest just didn’t expect the abruptness of it. I really felt bad for Harry in that moment. Oh and I just had to love Hermione for getting Rita Skeeter.


tvaddictgurl ,though I made a few changes. Oh and I rate on a scale from 1-5... 5 being the best.

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