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ABC Is Developing A Wierd Castle "Spin-Off" Show (Sort-of)

On ABC's hugely successful series "Castle," best-selling author Richard Castle (played by geek hero Nathan Fillion) pens a series of novels featuring a spy character named Derrick Storm. The uncannily synergistic ABC has, in turn, published a series of novels in real life, written by "Richard Castle" and featuring the Derrick Storm character. An army of "Castle" loyalists has turned these books, written by some very wealthy ghostwriters, into actual best-selling novels (all with titles involving the word "Storm"). And now those books are being turned into a television series, according to Variety.

Still with us?

This has got to me one of the more meta spin-offs (but not actually spin-offs) in the history of television, should the pilot (being written by Gregory Poirier and executive produced by "Castle" creator Andrew Marlowe and his production partner/wife Terri Edda Miller) go to series. Quite frankly, we're still trying to figure it out.

This is a project that could be a sure thing, considering that "Castle" is heading into its seventh (seventh? Seriously?) season this fall and reached an all-time ratings peak this past season. Apparently people love them some "Castle" and, by extension, some Derrick Storm.


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