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Silent Revenge by Laura Landon

Title: Silent Revenge
Author: Laura Landon
Pages: 381
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Book Description:

In just six days, Lady Jessica Stanton will turn twenty-five and inherit enough money to make her one of England’s wealthiest women. And when that happens, her stepbrother Colin will swoop in to take it all—along with her freedom. The only solution: find a husband strong enough to stand up to Colin. But even if she’s able to find someone able to protect her, what man will marry her once they discover her secret?

Not only is Simon Westland, Earl of Northcote, bankrupt, but the London gossip continues to speculate that he had a hand in the untimely death of his wastrel father. Now he is desperate to find a woman to keep him from losing everything. But what woman will want to marry a suspected murderer?

Thrown together by sheer necessity, Jessica and Simon agree that theirs will be a marriage of convenience. But no legal document can protect Jessica’s heart when she learns of Simon’s hidden motive for marrying her. For despite her best intentions, Jessica has fallen in love with her husband. And love is the last thing either of them wants—though it may be exactly what they both need.

My Thoughts on the Book
Wow was I surprised. This is a refreshing romance that doesn't explain the mechanics of sex between our hero and heroine. What I loved most about this book is the relationship and the attraction between Simon and Jessica. They really seem to develop a relationship.

Jessica stands to inherit more money than she can possibly spend on her 25th birthday but her step-brother will stop and nothing to get the money from her.

Simon is titled but penniless because of his spendthrift father and step-mother. He can't save his families properties or the tenants on those properties without money.

Lady Jessica Stanton steps in and takes matters into her own hands. She proposes marriage. Simon gets the money he needs and she is protected from her step-brother.

Both Simon and Jessica have secrets. Simon's could hurt Jessica and Jessica's could hurt them both. But Jessica has two secrets, one Simon knows and one he doesn't.

I loved Jessica's secret because it was truly different than another other regency romance I'd ever read. I appreciated that Simon truly didn't care about her secret whereas so many in society back then would. I think the fact that Simon discovers one of her secrets before going into the marriage and how he accommodates it is truly great.

Jessica's step-brother Colin is truly a evil foe in the story for both Jessica and Simon.

Landon does a fantastic job and I applaud her for a truly unique romance that I couldn't put down and when forced to (for real life) thought about constantly.
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