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Finale: Resurrection

Somehow I didn't realize that like the original (The Returned) Resurrection was only going to have 8 episodes. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. I think with such a short season they have to cram all that the can into those 8 episodes which makes the story move a bit faster with less useless episodes that go into things that don't matter that much. Bellamy isn't going to drive one town over and experience the day repeating itself until something with these Returned changes. Phew! Thank goodness for that.

I do have to wonder if with the renewal of the show, if they will have a longer season or stick to a short season much like the French version. I'm kind of hoping they don't try a 22 episode season because I don't want a superfluous episode which doesn't tell us much of anything. The beauty in the French version The Returned was that each episode was about a character and while they might include part of the story of another character, you are presented with the mystery of the Returned and given puzzle pieces throughout the 8 episodes. I highly recommend you watch the original because while I love Resurrection, The Returned is in a class all it's own.

While The Returned is labeled horror, I found it very interesting that to the French horror seems to be more of a psychological thriller. There was next to nothing like what the US calls horror. There were a few disgusting moments but it isn't Saw or Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
The end of episode 7 (Schemes of the Devil), left us with the knowledge that more than just the few Returned we'd been introduced to where actually returning. This starts with a man who is clearly from the early 20th century confused and coming into the police station for help. When he sees the computer he is startled. Then the phones start ringing and more than just the Langstons, Maggie and Pastor Tom have loved ones returning. In fact, people are popping up all over town.

So when episode 8 (Torn Apart) starts the town is dealing with the return of nearly 100 people though some have yet to check in at the church. Maggie has confronted her mother and the whole thing is all over the place.

And then the Sheriff shows his true colors. Oh the hatred for that man. I can't believe he wants to round up all these people because he's angry that his wife doesn't want him anymore. I can see what she meant by being cruel. I have a feeling he's a good ole boy who gets what he wants no matter the cost. Thing is the man is to big for his britches and in using the US Government for his revenge; he effectively loses control of his town and is stuck with the returned.

We also meet the Thompson family who all died together though the time period in which they died seems to be fuzzy but they do tell Henry they worked for his Grandfather and they are looking for their son. He has a crescent shaped birthmark on his back. Here is the things. At the very end of the episode, we see that Bellamy has this birthmark. Some online are wondering if Bellamy is their long lost son but then he'd be older than Henry by a lot and death. My theory would be is that Bellamy (the orphan) is the grandson to the Thompson's, and that their son actually survived the flood that killed them. Interesting that he got pulled into all of this, yes?

Then, of course, we also watch Maggie get carted away to some military prison for trying to protect the returned. Sheriff you screwed up everything! Hating you!

And what is up with the locusts? Are they dying so the returned can live? Is this some kind of Biblical plague? Is the common denominator the water from the river? They told us that Caleb was nowhere near the water but then nearly everyone else has been.

1. Jacob & Barbara drowned in the river.
2. Rachel drove her car into the river.
3. The Thompson's drown in a flood of the river.

So the question to me is; what is the connection Caleb has to the river? But then the soldier who came back appears to have been killed overseas. And the man who was disorientated at the end of episode 7 didn't seemed to have died in the water, but then we don't know. And I'm wondering if it is the river or water in general. I mean that seems to broad but if the soldier died overseas... gosh so many speculations!

Let me know if you have any!

Just a heads up, there may be spoilers in the comments!
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