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Finales: Once Upon A Time, Arrow, & Castle

Some of these finales are just so great it is crazy! So I haven't gotten caught up on everything but a few of the shows I've remained caught up on because they are some of my favorite shows.

Once Upon A Time
This season I've really started loving Regina. I want her to be happy. I want her to have a true love. The thing is that even if her heart is "tainted" with black because of the evil things she's done; she loves Henry and it can redeem her. I've been very happy that she and Emma have been working together.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Okay, I wasn't sure what to expect with the promo for the finale what with them saying, "You'll never believe where we go now." The went back in time. I believe it but yeah different for this show. And right off the bat Emma screws something up so Snow and Charming don't fall in love. Typical right. But I really enjoyed Emma and Hook going back together and then having to get help from Rumpelstiltskin.

When Emma saved The Evil Queens prisoner I was annoyed but I understood. She's a hero and a hero can't leave someone to die even if they are messing with a timeline. So what happens when she brings this woman back? She splits Regina and Robin because the woman was Marian. I knew it before it hit. My sister and I kept saying, "Find out who she is?" What if Emma was releasing an evil on the future? But then she seemed so nice and then it hit me. Marian! Poor Regina. And when she said Emma is just like Snow, I had to agree. But Robin isn't dead and Emma didn't know. I really hope this doesn't send Regina off the deep end. And sadly, I want Marian gone.

As for Emma, her desire to return to her normal life in NY has been bugging me. She thought things were normal but she was dating a Flying Monkey who was also the Wizard of Oz but still... not normal.

Overall loved the episode and I love that Henry's belief in Regina has been fueling her good side. Please let her stay good!

Rumple! Dastardly. Man when he gave Belle his dagger I thought it was sweet but stupid. Belle isn't the strongest person. Snow White could take that dagger from her. Henry could! But then when Rumple revealed to Zelena that he'd basically tricked Belle. WOW. Bastard. Damn I love him.

Next year will be good! I'm excited about Elsa coming to town. Is her name even Elsa... well the Snow Queen. Winter is coming! LOL

Okay so I will admit this season wasn't fantastic. I feel like the trip to the alter for Kate and Rick has been strange to say the least. I did like that some of the stories from the past have been resolved in this season though I fear one really big one is going to spill into season 6. BTW, YAY Nathan got a 6th season! Go Captain.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Okay so the previous episode when Castle and Beckett caught the Governor who was behind her mother's death. Finally! I wanted that smug bastard captured and when she figured everything out and got to arrest him. The vindication!

I actually loved Ryan and Esposito fighting over who would be the best man for Castle and as it turned out it is going to be best person as in Alexis. I think that is perfect.

Now to this convoluted episode. First, Kate Beckett is not stupid at all. She would never think a drive thru chapel in Las Vegas wasn't a real marriage. Now it is possible as a young adult she may have but it would have dawned on this woman she's become.

I could deal with that but really she gets pulled into a rather ridiculous case to get the signature for their divorce papers? But then I think it played into sending the wedding to the Hampton's house and then the ruination of THE DRESS. I was okay with that because I much preferred her mother's dress. It was gorgeous.

Now to Castle's "death". He is not dead. Either he was abducted and we will figure that all out next season or he was flung from the car and is going to be in the hospital. I'm thinking they are going to still try to find him and get them married. Man their guests just go through the ringer.

Still, didn't really like this finale.

Where to start. This whole season has been full of ups and downs. If Oliver isn't saving his friends then it is his family. And something I'd like to slap into him is that a hero isn't someone that doesn't kill but someone who with try not to unless given no choice. You can't just say, "Oh this totally dangerous and unstable person will be safe all locked up in this prison. Hope some act of God doesn't let him out." I mean you can't just kill in cold blood but I think making the decision to save people and take a life is more heroic than potentially putting people in danger in the future. But like always it depends on the circumstances.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
I'm very happy Oliver didn't go all vengeful and try to kill Slade just because Slade killed his mom. But someone who will execute someone like Slade did is highly dangerous and non-lethal force isn't the best option. That Oliver was able to take away his abilities and beat him was good. This instance made it possible to stop him without lethal force but sometimes someone so evil really needs to face death.

I loved and hated Oliver's way of outsmarting Slade. He pretended Felicity was the woman he loved the most so she could stick him with the cure. The thing is that Felicity almost bought into it and part of me believes that Oliver knows how she feels. Clearly Felicity is in love with Oliver and I'm in love with Oliver/Felicity. I want them together so bad. She is the only woman on the show I actually like.

I'm rather glad Sarah is going with the Assassins. I don't like her but at the same time she should be there for her father and sister. And when it ended with Det. Lance going down with what I would guess is a punctured lung... maybe something worse. I'm dreading this. I don't want a poor me Laurel again. I really loved seeing Det. Lance and Laurel after all the fighting talking about going to a meeting. It was like they were a Father-Daughter Duo fighting crime and taking names.

But can I just say, I ship OLIVER/FELICITY! Writer's chuck the ideas of Laurel and Oliver and go with Felicity. She's awesome and deserves a shot!

Malcolm coming to help Thea was nice but the guy is a psycho and now Thea is going with him and doesn't he know about Oliver? I don't want him influencing her. She is opinionated but with everyone lying to her she'd going to go to someone who is evil but tells her the truth. And yet part of me wants her to have her father. So annoying. I really hope she doesn't freak out on us.

And did Isobel die? If so then who does own Queen whatever it is called?
Careful reading comments. There are possible spoilers!
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