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Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine

"They told me that masked men were waiting for Jewish people after the Passover eve prayer, handed them the flier and told them to obey its instructions," he said.

The leaflet begins, "Dear Ukraine citizens of Jewish nationality," and states that all people of Jewish descent over 16 years old must report to the Commissioner for Nationalities in the Donetsk Regional Administration building and "register."

I feel sickened by this article. The very idea that such things even happen in this day and age is horrifying. And while you can't for sure say this is leading into something as disturbing as the Holocausts of the past, it is similar to the way the Nazi Regime started off things.

"The text reminds of the fascists in 1941," she said referring to the Nazis who occupied Ukraine during World War II.

I'm far from anti-Semitic but not agreeing with someone's religion or beliefs is one thing but to hate them is another. I can disagree and still care about them. This is a lesson people the world over need. And to the people who are instigating this disgusting action, I truly hope someone brings you down a peg because the very idea of what you are doing is a sign of evil and of hatred.

The US tends to stick their nose where they shouldn't and I'm not saying that Obama needs to here but I do think that leaders the world over should stand up and tell this "new-Nazi's" they are not going to be tolerated. Tolerance isn't always right and when it comes to rounding up or "registering" any people it is always leading to something bad.

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