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Self Defense For Women (Please watch)

Okay I'm going to have to ask him if people at Walmart were looking at him strangely but this is a friend of the family who is teaching my niece martial arts. I know him and he's a good man. He's got like 10 kids too and one is an 18 year old woman. The younger guy in this video is his son. This is the guy that, with his wife, went to Poland to adopt those three siblings so they wouldn't be separated.

I love that he worries about woman being hurt. I love that he likes to do something to teach woman how they can protect themselves or even just get away.

And he's right. I read a book last year on the sex trade. It was so sad and very scary. It is so real and it can happen to anyone. People like to ignore it but it is a growing business. So for all the woman out there both friends and unknown... watch this (or more of his stuff on YouTube). Consider a self-defense class or watching techniques online. Learn more about protecting yourself and teach your daughters.

Also: He posted this on Facebook and then replied that he had a young woman tell him she'd overheard his explanations of self-defense, much like this, and used it when a man tried to attack and rape her two weeks after hearing him. She got away and the man was arrested by police.

FBI article: Human Sex Trafficking
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