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January 27 2014 @ 02:16 pm
The Best Books I Read in 2013: 4 Stars  
#1 The Kingdom Series Part 1 by Marie Hall: Includes threes stories Her Mad Hatter, Gerard's Beauty, and Red and Her Wolf. Marie Hall does a fantastic job of taking these three fairy tales (Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Red Ridding Hood) and putting a modern fastasy/paranormal spin on them. The stories aren't overly long but are enjoyable from start to finish.

#2 The Kingdom Series Part 2 by Marie Hall: This volume includes two and a half stories with some additional glimpses into future stories. The stories included are Jinni's Wish, Hook's Pan, and Danika's Surprise and then the additional glimpse of The Huntsman's Prey. All great stories but admittedly while giving this volume the same four star rating as the first volume; these stories are better and by far my favorites of the series. Jinni's story was magical and beautiful while Hook's was heartbreaking and fun. Well worth the read.

#3 Out of Time by Deborah Truscott: One of the best historical fictions I've read. I'm a big Outlander fan so I love time travel and yet there are few books that are remotely in the same category. Most time travel books are cheesy romances (which isn't always a bad thing) but little are as well thought out and emotion evoking as my favorite Outlander. However, Out of Time comes so close in just one book. It is a modern historical fiction meaning rather than the heroine stumbling back in time; it is our hero coming forward. Some of the humorous aspects of the book remind me of the humor from the show Sleepy Hollow though this book doesn't resemble the show any more than that. It is a great read and one I would recommend to any historical fiction/romance fan.

#4 Wallbanger by Alice Clayton: Okay so the cover makes you think this book is going to be really dirty but surprisingly not any more than most romance books. Yes, there are sex scenes but they are tame compared to the cover. I believe this book was originally a Twilight fanfiction and yet while reading it you wouldn't really know as it doesn't take place in the same environment and I wouldn't say the characters are at all similar. Instead, I would say that Twilight inspired Clayton to write a story; a story that is fun and well worth the read.

#5-8 Emma Rae Creations Series by Sandra D. Bricker (Always the Baker, Never the Bride; Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride; Alwasy the Designer, Never the Bride; and Always the Baker, Finally the Bride): A truly sweet series filled with friends, romance and family. The series starts with Emma Rae who is a local baker and Jackson a local hotel owner who is trying to create a Wedding one stop shop according to the dreams of his late wife. With the help of Jackson's sisters, Emma becomes a part of Jackson's hotel The Tanglewood. Throughout the series they gather friends which become like family. The best part about the series is the seemingly true friendship and love these characters have for one another and another great thing are the tips, recipes and other goodies spread throughout the books. These books would likely be rated G which doesn't detract from the overall beauty of the friendship, love stories and humor of the series but rather enhances it. Well worth the read.