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To Wed a Rake by Eloisa James

Title: To Wed a Rake
Author: Eloisa James
Pages: 88
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Book Description:
Gilbert Baring-Gould, the Earl of Kerr, has no plans to settle down…regardless of his fiancée Emma, who lives in the country.

But Miss Emma Loudan is no quiet country mouse.

When the earl goes too far, announcing he won’t marry until his fiancée has his ring on her finger and his baby on the way, Emma takes matters into her own hands.

Before he knows it, Gil will find that his ring—and his virtue—are no longer his own…

And he’s fighting the battle of his life to woo the woman he planned to throw away.

My Thoughts About the Book:

This short story is fun though not overly great. I did like that Emma wasn't just a timid English girl who would do nothing about the fact that her fiance appears to have little interest in actually marrying her. Instead, she goes to London disguised as a French woman at a masquerade and plans her seduction.

This short really doesn't give you much insight into Kerr but it is a sweet story and, since it is a quick read, worth the time.
Tags: books, books: reviewed, genre: historical romance, genre: romance, ~rating: 3

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